25% Off Pre-Order Special is a Go!

Grab em while they're hot!

Grab em while they’re hot!

You all know, you all love it! The Pre-Order special is on like Donkey Kong!

So here’s how it works:

  1. Check GW’s website to see what is up for pre-order! (We can’t advertise their product on out site per their rules, sorry).
  2. Email your order to: Contact@FrontlineGaming.org
  3. We email you back an invoice, you double check to make sure it’s all good to go and let us know you would like to proceed. We will then invoice you via PayPal or take a CC over the phone (although please note, we will be in Las Vegas for the LVO from February 5th through February 11th and will not be able to process phone orders during that time).
  4. So long as your order comes in before the pre-order period ends and includes at lest 1 item from the pre-order, you save 25% on your entire order! This includes non GW items in your order, too! Some exclusions to this apply, we will let you know if your order contains any of those. And no, that isn’t off of the standard 20% off we already offer, we’re not in the business of losing money, people! lol
  5. You can then either come by the store and pick up you order or we can ship it to you anywhere in the USA for a flat, $5.99 fee. Sorry, per GW’s policies we can not sell to you if you are outside of the USA.

That’s all there is to it! It’s simple, fast and you save a lot of money! As we will be gone on the actual release date, we will not be able to ship on release, but we will be ship them when we return, a few days later.

Thanks and happy gaming!

Frontline Gaming


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