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signals from the Frontline

Show Notes



  • LVO main events are sold out! 40K, Fantasy and Warmahordes main events all sold out, w00t! We still have even tickets for sale, Warmahordes Friday and Sunday, Zombie Survival, 40K DOubles, Beerhammer, etc. Because we are out of space now, we will no longer have a Play Station area for kids to hang out as there simply will not be room. See you all there!
  • White Dwarf to officially come out as digital only.
  • PoweredPlay Gaming is going to be out in force for the LVO and they are a big supporter or ours. They will be raffling off lighting kits! Check them out.

  • Fan Boy Forge got us the resin terrain accessories they promised us! We’re putting them on terrain now! Big thanks to them, check their webstore out!


  • Big thanks to Tectonic Craft Studios! They make awesome, laser cut terrain and they are sending some goodies to the LVO! Check them out.

city_ruins_1_large Full_Supply_Shipment_large train_car_2_large


  • We also want to give a big welcome to Mr. Dandy who will be at the LVO!
  • Mega Mats will be up for normal retail through the Frontline Gaming webstore in mid February.
  • Big news, GW releases their financials and their half-yearly financial report and it is pretty bad. Profits down over 30% from last year. What does this mean? Change is coming our way, big changes of some type. As a publicly traded company, GW is obligated to do what they must to increase revenue and this is undeniable evidence that what they are doing now isn’t working.
    • This is likely why White Dwarf is going away, and why a move to digital products is likely.
    • It also means that if GW is going to be bought, this is a time when that would be feasible.
    • This also explains the increased release rate of the more popular system: 40K. However, the quality of a lot of these releases has been very poor, with typos, the wrong title on some, etc. They seem to be pushing product out to push sales.
    • Rumors indicate that Fantasy sales have gone way down, and that the Hobbit sales are nowhere near what the Lord of the Rings sales were when those movies came out. At the time, LotR was actually a big revenue generator for GW.
    • This isn’t cause for panic at all, just a sign that change will come, it has to, and that hopefully that change is positive. Companies have up and down times, it is a natural part of business, Apple had a big down turn too, for example. GW has experienced big growth in the past 6 years. This just means that the way things have been done is to how they will be done going forward. In the meantime, we will continue to game and have fun!
  • More awesome Toughest Girls in the Galaxy models coming out! Can’t wait to get some of these!

1239114_10151995365696168_1530746585_o toughest girls in the galaxy

  • Awesome “not Necron” defense lines from Micro Art Studios! They also show off a picture of a beautifully painted terrain kit they recently made.


  • Khurasan Miniatures releases a cool new 28mm Sabre Tank. Nice kit, simple but a good painter could make this thing look ballin.


  • Puppetswar releases a cool new SciFi container. Looks great but priced pretty steep.


  • Scibor releases a funny ass looking Treeman!



  • ForgeWorld updated the rules for the R’Varna, Pheonix Lord Irillyth, and added some new units such as the new Achilles Land Raider.

Rumors: The Rumor Section is gathered from the web and is not in any way information we receive from  any manufacturer nor is it necessarily accurate. This section of the podcast is intended for entertainment purposes only.

  • Rumors of a Necron Aegis line coming out from GW.
  • More rumors about IG coming in the near future as well as Dwarves!
  • Forgeworld to have weekly releases, too. It also appears some FW models are being made in Finecast.

Rant Session

  • Discuss T-Shift

Tactics Corner

  • Nids Tricks, Tips and Tactics is coming soon. A big thanks to Mike Brandt, The French Overlord and everyone who wrote or called in with ideas to save the Nids!
    • A Zoanthrope in a Bastion+Dominion can provide relatively safe Synapse over a big chunk of the table.
    • If you use Stronghold Assault rules, you can assault out of a Bastion. As you can place it further up the field, Infiltrate Genestealers into it and have them assault out of it.
    • It appears that Spore Mines can move and assault the turn they are dropped by a Harpy (or from a Biovore) which is really useful for absorbing overwatch for other bugs.
    • Hapries give psuedo grenades to other units…if you can get the Harpy into assault! lol
    • Gargoyles will help other units to actually win a fight with Blinding Poison.
    • On your turn, it appears you can boost Exocrine BS to 2 when Snap Firing as you choose to lower BS to 1 for snap fire and then add 1 for his stationary bonus. However, on your opponent’s turn (when they would be assaulting you) they will most likely choose to apply your bonus first, then reduce to BS1 for overwatch.
    • Shadows in the Warp and Psychic Scream will crush psychic units as they will test at -5 Ld on the power.
    • Tzeentch Daemons can choose to apply their +3 Ld check to psychic checks after the -3 from shadows to essentially cancel it out on their turn, but on your turn you can apply their bonus first, then your negative if it comes up.
    • Using Deathleaper on a model that has the entire army use his leadership.
    • Assaulting a unit that is pinned or has gone to ground means all units assaulting it ignore the penalty for assaulting through cover. It gives them grenades essentially and it is the same rule for assaulting a unit already engaged in combat.
    • We’ll keep looking for combos!

Rules Lawyer

List Review

This list *should* be bad, but it isn’t!  haha

It also uses Chaos Space Marines….  *crazy, I know*

*notes to follow*



1. Fabius Bile

2. Dark Apostle


1. 20xChaos Space Marines w\ Pistol & CCW

2. 20xChaos Space Marines w\ Pistol & CCW

3. 30xChaos Cultists, 3xFlamers =

4. 30xChaos Cultists, with Autoguns and 3 Heavy Stubbers

Fast Attack–

1. Heldrake with Baleflamer

2. Heldrake with Baleflamer

Fast Attack Total

Heavy Support–

1. 2xObliterators

2. 2xObliterators

Heavy Support

Army Total = 1750


Notes:  Fabius enhances one unit of CSM, making them S5 and Fearless.  He joins the other unit, conferring Fearless.

The Dark Apostle joins the close combat cultists and walks up the field behind one of the CSM blobs to take a midfield objective.

The other unit of cultists stays within 6″ of the Apostle for the first couple turns, then stays backfield and shoots approaching troops  (26 Autogun shots and 12 Stubber shots within 24″ isn’t horrible)

The two units of oblits deepstrike in to “Solve Problems” (Either melt vehicles, or just be pests).

Heldrakes…. nothing need be said about these!

That’s it that’s all!  Fun to play, lots of 3+ saves on the board, all of them fearless.  If opponent focuses them down, there’s usually still 40ish cultists left holding objectives.  Heldrakes & Oblits do quite the chunk of heavy lifting, and neither of them can be ignored.


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  3. Wrath January 18, 2014 2:15 am #

    “On your turn, it appears you can boost Exocrine BS to 2 when Snap Firing as you choose to lower BS to 1 for snap fire and then add 1 for his stationary bonus.”

    Multiple Modifiers on p:2 would seem to prohibit this.

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      Those pirates are horrible!

  8. Novastar January 20, 2014 11:39 pm #

    I’ve been listening to the show for awhile now and have to say that bill and ted do not need to host anymore without supervision, This show is probally one of the best 40k podcast out there. Frankie ad Reece are like peanut butter and jelly. Frankie and Incontrol are like a starving Ethiopian…. Just sad , your knowledge on the chaos book was bad, your advice and pseudo insults to the submitter of the list was a tad to bad taste, we as listeners don’t submit list to be called stupid, but to get actually constructive advice. As frontline gamines official pod cast you two made the store just look bad… Sorry for all the negativity guys, just my two cents

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