25% Off Pre-Order Special is a GO!

Grab em while they're hot!

Grab em while they’re hot!

Oooooooh, yeeeeeeeahh! It’s go time! 25% pre-order special is a go! Read for details.

You all know it, you love it..it’s a pre-order special! Check Games Workshop to see what items are for sale (we can’t specifically say what they are, confusing, we know, but those are the rules).

Here’s how the pre-order works.

  1. Email your order to: Orders@FrontlineGaming.org
  2. Frankie will reply to you with a quote.
  3. You give us the green light and we process payment. We prefer to take payment via PayPal but can take payment via Credit Card over the phone or via transaction in store.
  4. So long as you order during the pre-order period (ending 1/11/2014) you get 25% off your entire order, even non GW items so long as you get at least one item from the pre-release (there are a few exceptions to this, we will let you know if your order contains items that don’t qualify for the 25% off!)! And no, that is not on top of our normal 20% off prices, we’re not trying to lose money here, people!
  5. We put our orders in on 1/6/2014 to get them for the release date of 1/11/2014. If you want your goodies in that first shipment, order before Monday, 1/6/2014
  6. Your order will then ship out by 1/13/2014. Any order that we take by 1/6/2014 or after will ship out the following Monday, 1/20/2014
  7. We charge $5.99 flat shipping for orders within the USA (some very heavy items we charge shipping actual, we will let you know if you order contains any of these)
  8. We cannot sell GW items outside of the USA.

That’s how it works! Now get dem models, son!


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The fearless leader of the intrepid group of gamers gone retailers at Frontline Gaming!
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World Bleeder
World Bleeder
8 years ago

Fantastic sale! Thanks guys, just in time to get the new Nids

8 years ago

OK so now that GW has let their cats out of the bag, I want to hear some commentary regarding Tyranids on saturday’s podcast, Reecius! I know you’re a nid player, you’ve gotta be stoked about this release. Let’s hear your thoughts on it!

8 years ago

that crone is a freaking home run. almost heldrake good

Nova star
Nova star
8 years ago

Besides the haywire missiles a S8 vector strike doesn’t the crone also get a bio acid spray that is the same stats and rules as a bale flamer?

Nova star
Nova star
8 years ago

The harpy gets double heavy venom cannons
and spore bombs,

The crone has the the mouth tube and the arm sacs so that’s why I think it will get the acid spray, we’ll find out next Friday lol…. Can’t wait… Must freeze self for one week and waken to new tyrands, only problem is robin “the crud” cruddace opens his man pleaeser and talks about the Tyranids in a week author interview, to bad Phil Kelly didn’t get the book, he calls the tyrandis a new threat to the galaxy…. This smuck has a PhD and says stupid crap like this… Gona stop before this turns into a way I hate cruddace rant lol

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