TableWar Mini Case Kickstarter!



Check out Tablewar’s new KickStarter for their Mini case!

As you all know, we really like the TableWar cases here and not only because Doug is on Team Zero Comp and a friend of ours personally, but because it is a really good product. I did a video review here:

The mini case is designed to fit under a plane seat so is great for travel. It is great for transporting skirmish level armies and display models.

Those that buy into the Kickstarter first, will have their product shipped first!

Check it out if this looks like a product you would like to have.


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2 Responses to “TableWar Mini Case Kickstarter!”

  1. Madcore October 12, 2013 9:28 am #

    That is great,

    I have seen your review Reece, is your case the MK I or MK II?

    Since they are the same size but are made of different material, i am wondering if the difference is that significant?



    • Reecius October 12, 2013 10:00 am #

      I don’t think there’s any real significant difference in the cases. Mine is a MK1, the MK11 has smooth plastic instead of the diamond plate I have and it doesn’t have a clear acrylic front, it is solid plastic and stronger I imagine.

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