Signals from the Frontline: Warhammer 40K and General Gaming News, Rumors, Tactics and Fart Jokes.

Show Notes



  • Bitz Trading day part deux, October 19th at Frontline Gaming, hosted by Rich from Green Stuff Industries. That’s a Saturday from 5 to 7pm. Just to reiterate, no bitz are being sold. We are just providing a space for people to swap them among one another.
  • Duel Con this weekend! Still time to grab those tickets, this is going to be a fun event!
  • Comikaze tickets were hard to find but they are not sold out! Grab them this week! If we don’t sell half of the tickets this week they may have to cancel the event, this is no BS, this is not a marketing ploy, they are running short on room and need to know the event is going to move tickets. Link in the post:
  • LVO is moving right along, be sure to grab those tickets ASAP.
  • A big thanks to Goatboy who has been working on art for our site and for our armies! That way in our video battle reports we will be able to show an awesome image for our personal armies! Hit him up for your art needs, he has very reasonable rates, is fast and talented! His blog is Full of Monkey!


Reece's Nids!

Reece’s Nids!

The Mighty, Mighty Footdar!

The Mighty, Mighty Footdar!

Frankie's Chaos!

Frankie’s Chaos!

Reece's Space Marines!

Reece’s Space Marines!





  • Pardulon Games releases a cool looking Satellite Dish terrain piece.


aquan-render-1 aquan-render-9

006 battlescene001

Rumors: The Rumor Section is gathered from the web and is not in any way information we receive from  any manufacturer nor is it necessarily accurate. This section of the podcast is intended for entertainment purposes only.

  • Rumors that a Mega-Man board game will be launching on Kickstarter soon.
  • Rumors of Nids on the horizon, too. Again, not sure on a date, but it will be coming sooner than later!
  • Rumors that IG will be getting a Thunderbolt! Cool, rumors that it is heavily armored but can’t jink.
  • Whispers in the wind that specialist games may come back such as Epic and Battlefleet Gothic? Cool if true.
  • Rumors of a skirmish level game being called innocence? Who knows if true, but we’ll see.

Rant Session

  • Magic in Fantasy

Tactics Corner

  • Drop Pods and Rhinos in Marine lists.

Rules Lawyer

  • Can a Chapter Master move and fire his Orbital Bombardment?
  • With the new grav-guns and concussive I have a question about how they work with units that have an IC. The Concussive states that any model hit is reduced to initiative 1. Now how does that work with ICs and Look out sir? I am under the impression that because the IC was his, but made its LOS that the IC still is reduced because it was the model hit but not wounds.
  • How about the above with Wind War or somethign similar?

List Review

Hey dudes,

Super lurker here, Nid style, love your podcast. I know you guys are probably swimming in list submissions, but I have one for you here that I wanted to throw your way and see what you thought about it.

Main Detachment:


Lvl 2 Librarian w/ infravisor

5 man Deathwing w/ assault cannon

5 man Deathwing w/ heavy flamer

5 man Black Knights w/ melta bombs

Aegis w/ Quad




5 man Scout w/ snipers, camo cloak

10 man Assault Squad w/ power fist, melta bombs

5 man Vanguard Squad w/ jump packs, relic blade, thunder hammer, 2 x storm shield

5 man Devastators w/ missile launchers


Idea is to go for a pretty hard Turn 2 assaultathon. Libby goes with the Devs behind the Aegis (would he get Stealth first turn or actually remove it from the Devs?) for Prescience/Perfect Timing missile murder that has a good chance of being ignored most of the game. Everything else Combat Squads out and Scouts up. If I get first turn AND night fight, things will be nigh untouchable (hard to not get a 2+ cover). Shrike brings his little ultra-killy honor guard up, Belial brings down the heavy flamer Terminators turn 1 for a pot roast, Scouts park and objective, Assault Squads cover flanks. Going second would focus on sitting out of line of sight and hopefully get a Turn 1 assault off somewhere. General Idea is target saturation to survive one turn of shooting before the assaulting begins. All light infantry (and even power armor) would die super hard, as long as I get that assault off. Worried about Tau and Daemons, but who isn’t? Luckily, there isn’t much around Chicago. Hopefully there would be too many threats for them to have to deal with before it was too late; both opponents would make for a very bloody game. Temptation is to go with 10 man Vanguard to make use of Heroic Intervention effectively, but that is super pricey. Worry is that I might love the heavy flamer too much, plasma not enough. I’m hoping I can counter that with a high amount of AP2 close combat, despite striking last.

Really set on Dark Angels with Raven Guard allies, this list seems like it would at least be a fart load of fun.

Rip me a new one. Thanks dudes.

– jF


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8 years ago

Vanguards are cool and badass models. I have 10 and im going t convert a few of them to captains with Jump packs and just put them in sternguard squads in a drop pod 😛

Paul Cornelius
Paul Cornelius
8 years ago

You guys have a link for the Megaman board game?

Rich with GSI
8 years ago

Goatboy did the GSI logo, also. Very happy with his work. Reasonable, too.

8 years ago

So about magic. It is very powerful, there is no doubt. But when you are playing 1000 points, their effect is even more potent. Since the number of power dice is always 2D6, when you only have a few spells, your magic dice aren’t spread very thin. By the time you get up to 2000-2500, giving one unit +1 S/T isn’t nearly as impactful.

Knowing when to dispel is also very important, a smart player throws out a spell to distract you and suck up your dispel dice, or dispel scroll, so that they can cast the spell they really need a lot easier. At High points, every army should literally have a wizard though, if you don’t, you are playing with one hand behind your back.

Terrain is hugely important, open boards are so advantageous for some armies. Like you even said, terrain is a pain to maneuver around, so when you play on an open board, people running those 10-wide hordes are at a huge advantage because then they don’t need to figure out how to move across the board. When there is terrain and you can predict where your enemy will go to move around it, you can start thinking a few turns head and react accordingly. Fantasy is much more about planning than 40k, if you’re not sure what you’re going to do next turn, you’re going to lose. If you can figure out what your opponent will do 2 turns from now, you’re going to be in really good shape.

I’m moving to Berkeley, so when I get out there, I’ll have to learn you a thing or two about Fantasy. 🙂

8 years ago

I don’t remember if this is the one you guys mentioned terrain building days..
…for those of us much to far to go to any days of terrain building.. you might want to put up some specifications of what you guys want or might thing is neat style wise maybe some people from the community can help and ship you some…

..just a though.. i’m not a terrain building master or anything..

8 years ago
Reply to  Reecius

One of the things about this warhammer thing i was conned into is the community.. Its cool seeing batreps and events and stuff.. I’m mostly a non-competitive basement dweller…but it would be nifty to add something to it.. and help out.

..mind you you might get a lot of garbage terrain you cant use too… toilet paper rolls glued to clip-boards or something…

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