Signals from the Frontline: Warhammer 40K and General Gaming News, Rumors, Tactics and Lunacy.

signals from the Frontline

Show Notes



  • Comikaze! We’ve got Warmachine and Hordes as well as 40K! Space is limited though, don’t wait.
  • Get your LVO tickets! 40K is just about half full!
  • Dulecon is almost on us and we just got word that we’ve got folks from the Central Coast and San Diego coming out in force! Over 80 people signed up so far, that’s great!
  • Horus Heresy Book 2: The Massacre will be up for pre-sale at Games Day UK. Very cool, can’t wait to see the new primarch models!
  • New FW Riptide and….wow. Just amazing.



  • Puppets War releases a ton of pics of their new products and they are pretty dang impressive.

1233155_626070207424635_1572485983_o 1233155_626070207424635_1572485983_o (1) 1208574_625204230844566_39257088_n 1176156_629724337059222_1600904238_n 1173770_628672850497704_825989518_n 1167145_623715650993424_1163482055_o


  • Raging Heroes releases a new model for their Toughest Girls in the Galaxy line….a baby hippo? They also release some super cool new fantasy models for the Avatars of War line.



image004 image003 image002 image001

  • So, Cedric the mysterious Canadian and author of Warpheim, a game or Auto-Erotic Defenestration, has published the rules to his game on the web. Check it out….if you dare!
  • We’re building a new section of the Frontline Gaming site! It is in the main navigational menu at the top, under the tab: Tactics Corner.
  • Guild of Harmony releases some cool new steampunk models!




  • Privateer Press releases some new minis. Obstructors, the Razorwing Griffon, and Trollkin Champions.

72073_RazorwingGriffon_WEB 71075_TrollkinChampions_WEB


  • They also preview some cool looking new releases, Flame Bringers, Perforators, The Best Mistress, The Optifex Directive, and Blighted Nyss Legionnaires.

73077_BlightedNyssLegionnaires10man_WEB 73074_BeastMistress_WEB






Rumors: The Rumor Section is gathered from the web and is not in any way information we receive from  any manufacturer nor is it necessarily accurate. This section of the podcast is intended for entertainment purposes only.

  • Rumors circulating that in fact, FW will not be coming to the GW website but that it was discussed seriously at one point in time. And, directly contradicting this, rumors indicate that FW will be sold via GW’s site…time will tell.
  • Sisters of Battle possibly getting a digital codex release in the not so distant future.
  • Crazy rumor that GW had planned a spin-off game for the great crusade! It was supposedly a totally different game with different rules and codices but was cancelled.

Rant Session

  • Why do Elite units never score? What about a rule that makes Elite units scoring in certain missions?
  • That came to us via D.W. Hamthorne, who is a 40K gamer and also the author of an eBook series called the Ever War, check it out.
  • Isaac wrote in asking about ways to write the story for his counts as DIY Marine chapter.

Tactics Corner

  • Space Marines second thoughts.

Rules Lawyer

  • Raven Guard chapter tactics. Pg.78 says that Bulky and Very Bulky units can’t scout or get stealth turn one, the back of the book says bulky and very bulky only don’t get stealth.
  • Hey guys I’ve been pouring over the new space marine dex and I have a question that I don’t think can be resolved RAW at all. Here is the question:Grav guns wound based on the targets armor save value, what do they wound on when shooting at a mixed space unit? Broadsides with missile drones come to mind as does a rip tide with drones.

    Like I said I don’t think any rule tells us what to do.  Am I wrong about that?  If not how would you as a TO play it?

    As with trying to decided any RAI I can think of arguments both ways.

    As always, I enjoy the podcast and keep up te great work


    Ben R.


    my chaos marines are continuing to kick serious but and my bikes are more fun then ever! Thank you again for the great job you guys did with them.

    Sent from my iPhone

  • Hi there fellas,


Question: How ought we to treat the chapter tactics available in Imperial Armour books (specially the two Bad War books, and the new Fall of Orpheus) in light of the release of the sixth edition Space Marine codex? I have a detachment based on the CTs of Lias Issodon (who provides Stealth army-wide for ALL turns), which I plan on bring to Duelcon in two weeks; and have further plans to use Asterion Moloc for a Minotaur detachment.


Please feel free to put question up on the podcast. Thanks for your hard work.

  • FAQ changes: Rad Grenades work for the unit firing them.
  • Can only ever fire one weapon on overwatch.
  • Flyers can never score an objective, including the Heldrake.
  • Ignore cover does work on vehicles.


List Review


2x Farseer


2x 10 man Guardians

Wave Serpent

Scatter Laser, Holo Fields

5 man Jetbike

Shruiken Cannon


5 Dark Reapers

Starshot (Str 8)


Fast Shot, Night Vision


Tau Allies:



Puretide, Ignores Cover, 2+ suit

2 Shield Drones



Skyfire, Interceptor, Ion Excelerator


10 Fire Warriors


2x Broadsides

High Yield Missiles, Smart Missile System, Skyfire

2x Shield Drones



Aegis, Icarus

From the list author:

The Farseers take Runes of Fate, until one of them gets fortune, and then they roll Divination.  Ideally I will have 2 guides, 2 prescience, fortune, and then a sixth power.  The Suit Commander, will be with the Dark Reapers giving them tank/monster hunter, ignores cover, and tanking whatever gets thrown at them.  If I need to shoot down a plane he can jump over and join the Riptide or Broadsides.

I want the dark reaper exarch to be on the icarus lascannon, so he will fire 2 BS 5 lascannons into whatever flies onto the board.

I am not sure about the troops, I don’t know if I will a have enough.  I made the guardians 10 man, because eventually I will have to get out of the Wave Serpents to claim objectives, and I want to make sure I have somewhat of a chance to survive it.  I could drop the Dark Reaper Exarch and fit in a 6th Jetbike to make them two squads of 3 which might help.

I am also not sure about the Aegis, I was thinking maybe taking a Skyshield instead so I get a 4++ on the dark reapers and Broadsides. and hide my Serpents from barrage.

Lastly I don’t have any marker lights in the army.  With the amount of rerolls I can give out and ignores cover on a squad I don’t think I need them, but I’m not sure.  HALP.


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Rich with GSI
8 years ago

Regarding the Heldrake not scoring: So why is it from the wingtip specifically for the Heldrake and from the base of the model for ground-based units?

I can confidently say that in any game I’ve played there at Frontline, at the BAO, or at home, including those very few games I’ve had against Reece or Frankie, when determining scoring eligibility for ground units the distance was measured from the objective to the base of the model. I’ve never seen it measured using any other portion of the model, for example, an extended hand or weapon.

Why would this be different for Fast Attack units with the Flyer USR? It seems to me that all Fast Attack Flyers should score, or none. It should have nothing to do with how the unit is modeled and everything to do with the type, i.e. a Fast Attack unit with the Flyer USR.

Conversely, I think Fast Attack units with the Hover USR can score only while in hover mode and eligibility should be measured from the base.

That’s my take on it.

8 years ago
Reply to  Rich with GSI

My guess? Vehicles never count their base for anything(Walkers withstanding)

8 years ago
Reply to  Reecius

GW: modelling for advantage.

8 years ago
Reply to  Reecius

What about when it’s in hover mode?

8 years ago

I will use the hippo as an objective marker.
Also, why do I imagine you guys doing the FAQ meeting around a large table with you covered in dark hoods 😛

8 years ago

I so want that hippo for an objective marker, paint the cans like brewskis lol

Jason Brown
Jason Brown
8 years ago
Reply to  Reecius

But what kind of brewskis? PBR?

Jason Brown
Jason Brown
8 years ago

As to the list, what points are you looking at? I am too dang lazy to figure it out. With a tau ally and two FSs, I wouldn’t worry about markerlights so much as only C:Tau can benifit from them. I might look into kroot snipers for the Tau Troop choice. One group of FWs are not as dynamic as the kroot, and are really doing much for you. A boat load of wierd lizard dudes with sniper rifles that can infiltrate do a lot more and can put on a ton of pressure to your opponents back field.

Why guardians? Are you planning on busting a move to the front lines with them? I WAY prefer Dire Avengers. First of you save your self 25 points, and if you are just shield harassing, there is no need for the extra bodies. Just dont forget to get them disembarked at some point to hold your backfield.

This next piece is just me and my personality popping in. I am not sure if Reapers and Broadsides do much for you together, I am more inclined to see one or the other. Get the two DA squads instead of the guardians, change the FWs for kroot, annd dump the Reapers and Ageis. With those points you can pick up a knight and have two very scary MCs that can get around the board and cause a lot of grief. I dont care what the armchair internets have to say, knights bust a$$. I hath dubbed mine “Sir Firstblood” with his two heavy wraith cannons. Do not forget that he gets a STR 10 HoW. Its pretty harsh on bastions/ageis lines and vehichles….not to mention most char with out EW. Granted i run mine with a Spiritseer council, and get heals most of the time (healing 4 wounds on one turn is priceless….just have a camera ready to take a shot of the other guys face). However that would be a massive departure from your list.

I mean if you like to sit back in a corner and roll dice for 5 turns, be my guest, and that works like a charm. I however, like to juke and jive, so take that into consideration when reading my advice. I have ADHD, what can I say?

8 years ago

My roommate and I have been binging on DBZ like no other recently (having just finished Dragonball). Too funny that you mentioned that. That show is good, but the thing that gets us going and laughing like lil’ girls is the certain little things that are clearly lost in translation between the Japanese and English dub. If I had a nickle for every time the screen panned in on a character groaning, I would be absurdly rich.

8 years ago

Can’t say I agree with 1 weapon only for overwatch being RAW.

The restriction to firing only 1 weapon says you can’t shoot more than 1 weapon in a shooting phase. Pg 51 brb under “more than 1 weapon”

If RAW is that overwatch and interceptor are not considered a shooting phase, then why does the restriction to only firing 1 weapon apply?

8 years ago

Tweeter???? Her name was Petree in the Land Before Time…

8 years ago

Sisters really I am curious to know how solid that is because that would be interesting.

Franky, you should start reading some more:

– “This is the audio” ……. OMG I busted out laughing in my office…

8 years ago

I am a little unclear with the example about Infiltrate, ICs, units and Blackhart.

Can Krandras join a unit of Gaurdians to make them infiltrate?
Can Eldrad join a unit of Rangers and still infiltrate?


8 years ago
Reply to  Reecius

Gothcha! Thanks!

8 years ago

Sorry if my infiltrate question was covered elsewhere and I just missed it.

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