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signals from the Frontline

7-9-13 Show Notes

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  • BBF’s army that went missing at WargamesCon was found by someone who was scoping out our blog, how cool is that?! We did our good deed for the day! Glad the army was recovered.
  • Update on Eldar items.
  • Pascal R. from New Zealand and Karl from Oz coming out to the BAO! Wow, that is awesome! Reecius’ cousin may also be coming out from Oz, which would be super cool.
  • Bryan W. wrote in to tell us he used the BAO tournament format at his local game store and they had 8 people show up, some of whom had never played in a tournament before, and he said everyone was able to just pick it up and play with no issues and that everyone enjoyed it with no complaints! That’s awesome.
  • Some cool new scenic bases from a South African company called Laser Cut Card that are really cool looking. Laser cut MDF shapes you put on a base and then paint.

  • This comes to us from Games Workshop Cardiff, and it is super cool!
  • This comes to us via Oz, from a GW store there, but I wasn’t told which one.


  • HiTech releases new Terrorizer Sadus mini. As always, very cool, but they’re all starting to look the same. Painted pictures of the minis would be nice.

  • These miniatures from Studio Miniatures aren’t new really, but new to us. Very cool and would make a fun unit for an IG army to mix things up.


Rant Session

  • Anime Expo Recap.
  • Tau and Daemons and how here it seems like Daemons win but we’re hearing that on the East Coast it is the opposite.

Rules Lawyer

  • Pat from the 11th Company shot these over to us:
  • 1) a Necron character with (MSS)Mind Shackle Scarabs in a unit attacks say a Daemon prince,  MSS and challenge happen at the same time, because it is the Necron’s turn, he gets to choose which goes first. The DP fails his Ld,can he now still challenge or not? (the necron FAQ states that the necron player gains control over the abilities and penalties of the melee weapon, and gets to choose which weapon if there is a chice gets used)
  • 2) Daemon Screamers have Lamprey’s bite, substitute all of the normal attacks for one S5 AP2 special attack, do you still get the charge bonus?
  • This one comes to us from Girzzly Adams, cohost of the Southern State of 40K Podcast: Is a unit on a Bike able to Turbo Boost if attached to a unit not on bikes that are running and vice versa.
  • The Aegis Defense Line, how close do you have to be to it to get a 4+ cover? Very ambiguous rule.

List Review

Hello Frontline gaming,

I have been a gamer for a long time now, but I only started to play serious after seeing Reecius Footdar back in 5th. He made me want to play the unconventional ways of Eldar, and for that I started to play Footdar over my usual mech Eldar. However, I am having troubles adjusting my list to the new codex. This list is just a thought I had trying to come up with for the upcoming GT. Just curious what your thoughts are on it, is it competitive, and against the meta out there how will it fare?


Avatar – 205

-Fast shot


-Fast shot




2×3 Jetbikes –

-1 Cannon in each squad

8 Rangers –

10 Dire Avengers –


6 Warp Spiders –


-Fast shot


Wraithlord –


-Ghost Glaive

-2 Bright Lance

Wraithlord –


-Ghost Glaive

-2 Bright Lance

3 D-cannons –

3 D-cannons –


2 ADL –


Plan is to have spiritseer and Eldrad in Dire Avenger Squad. Depending on how far everything moves and whether there is night fight, I pop his warlord trait first or second turn.  ADL’ s go 6″ in front of my deployment unless DoW deployment. They go slowly up field using one of the Avatars bubbles for fearless. Avatars and Wraithlords move up field looking to assault. Wraithlords shoot at tanks as they move up field. Avatars move up to the Icarus cannons to use to shoot first turn, and interceptor if going second. After the first turn they just go for the assault. D-cannons move forward first turn to ADL unless good LoS blocking terrain is nearby for indirect fire. Assault armies I play more conservative. I realize that this is not using the most optimized units in the codex, but I like not using vehicles. I am just looking to hear some of your opinions.


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