Games Workshop 25% off Pre-Order Special is a Go!

It’s go time, baby! Get ready to save some money! The Games Workshop Pre-Release 25% off pre-order special is a go!

You know it, you love it, and it’s back.

So here’s the drill, you order anything from the Games Workshop (we can’t say what it is, just that it is Games Workshop, stupid yes, we know but those are the rules we play by) release and we give you 25% off your order!

No, that does not mean 25% off of the already low 20% off we normally charge. We aren’t in the business of losing money here, people! It means a total of 25% off of the retail value of the order with a few exceptions (we’ll let you know if anything you order doesn’t qualify, typically it’s model bags).

This 25% off includes non GW product too, such as Warmachine and Hordes, Infinity, Malifaux, Pathfinder, Bolt Action, etc. We can get almost any gaming product you’re looking for.

We have a flat $5.99 shipping fee for the continental USA!

Get your orders in ASAP, GW has been way behind on production as they shut down their American production facility. We are ordering a lot of goodies, and GW is saying they plan to get everything we pre-order to us no later than 3 weeks from the release date. That sounds crappy, but compared to Tau it will be way better. We fulfill our orders in the order we get them. So, those who place their orders first, get first dibs on the product we get. Finecast typically is what we have the most issues with getting in, FYI. We aren’t at all trying to dissuade anyone from buying it, we just want everyone to have realistic expectations.

The release date is June 1st. Our last day to order for the release date is Tuesday, May 28th. Anything ordered after that date won’t come until the following week’s shipment, June 7th. But seriously, pre-order ASAP if you want any new Games Workshop goodies so you are first in line.

We can’t post prices or product descriptions online due to GW’s super radical online sales policies. You can call us for information about the items, too at 888-781-5120

To place your order email us at:

Thanks and happy gaming!


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