New Forgeworld Awesomeness! Adeptus Mechanicus, Finally!


They just keep kicking ass and taking names! Admech and some awesome new scouts.

It is about flippin time to see some AdMech! These are going to sell like hot cakes, count on it. The Scouts are very cool and I am always a sucker for anything Night Lords.

From FW:


Space Marines experienced in operating independently and behind enemy lines form dedicated Reconnaissance squads within the Legiones Astartes. Equipped with a variety of specialised wargear including long-range sniper weapons, stealth gear, and augmented sensor-auspex devices, Legion Recon Squads function as scouts, gathering intelligence and mapping enemy movements and strengths.

Reconnaissance squads also serve their Legion as pickets, saboteurs, raiders and snipers where needed, striking at high-value targets of opportunity. In open battle, they are expert in sudden flanking manoeuvres and infiltration attacks in support of the main strength of the Legion.

Designed by Mark Bedford and Will Hayes, the Legion MKIV Recon Squad contains five multi-part resin models, each of which has two different weapon options; a sniper rifle or a shotgun. These models are packed with detail, from the long-range communications and targeting equipment carried by each legionary to their camo demi-cloaks. Available to pre-order now for despatch from the 5th of April.

mech-thal-p1v2The Thallaxii are heavily augmented cyborg shock-troops used by the Mechanicum Ordo Reductor, and they differ from the Skitarii regiments both in purpose and the unique degree of their augmetics. The Lorica Thallax was developed from power armour technology and requires a robust human specimen.

The Lorica encloses the major organs, nervous system and cerebrum, but entirely replaces the skeletal structure and limbs with armoured bionics powered by an internal reactor-core. Surgical excision of the subject’s pain sensors, emotions, and normal human sensory apparatus and the agony caused by the Lorica’s implantation, leaves the Thallax a cold, calculating killing machine (albeit one that retains a degree of independent thought).

To some among the Mechanicum, this operation skirts the edge of abomination, yet the baleful Ordo Reductor continue Thallax conversion regardless; using suitable Forge Guard, fallen Skitarii, and other subjects obtained from more mysterious sources.

The Mechanicum Thallax Cohort contains three multi-part resin models designed by Will Hayes. These imposing and sinister figures are a unique and exciting new development within our Horus Heresy range, being the very first Mechanicum unit to be designed, and their hunched forms, imposing lightning guns and bulky armour are packed with detail. Models available to pre-order now and will be despatched from the 5th of April.


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