40K Team Tournament Results

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Here they are! 54 players in the team event, a nice increase form last year and a lot of fun! We had a three way tie for best costumes and theme, and it was decided by the crowd, with The Nurglings taking it, but as Frankie was on the team, we bumped it down to the next most popular team which was Angelic Chaos!

Thanks to everyone for coming out! We had a great time, and if you are not prepared for legions of flying Hell Turkies….be prepared to be smashed. These things are the new Psyfilmen Dreads.

1 Sinister Wargaming Imperial Guard
2 The Nurglings Chaos
3 Shocker Chaos/ Chaos
4 Fall of Ka’Bhanda Blood Angels/Grey Knights
5 Angelic Choas Blood Angels/ Guard
6 Twist and steal and sexy appeal Chaos/ Deamons
7 The BAB Eldar/ Imperial Guard
8 Binamic Duo Imperial Guard
9 Sha’ Dynasty Chaos/ Chaos
10 Shak’n not Stunned Grey Knights/ Space Marines
11 Chaos Orks Chaos/ Orks
12 Richard Gerd and the girbles Chaos/ Orks
13 Dirty Sanchez Tau/ Imperial Guard
14 Team Tablewar Imperial Guard/ Biood Angels
15 Grey Angels Dark Angels/ Grey Knights
16 Can I have A Piggy Back Ride Imperail Guard/ Chaos
17 central valley reavers crimson fist/ Dark Angels
18 Nurgles Ballz Chaos/ Chaos
19 Beans and Greens Dark Angels/ Imperial Guard
20 Docking Crew Chaos
21 Z-Team Space Marines/ Guard
22 Super lazy Blood Angels/ Black Templar
23 Team Brenes Space Marines/ Grey knight
24 Wolfdar Space Wolves/ Eldar
25 Just Us Grey Knights
26 Dakka Offense Straigem Space Marines/ Tau
27 Team krooton Necron/ Tau

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4 Responses to “40K Team Tournament Results”

  1. Avatar
    edwin March 2, 2013 12:03 am #

    Only 1 necron player. Dead ass last.take that internet.

  2. Avatar
    Clown Baby March 2, 2013 12:14 am #

    The necron player was 13 and his dad was his partner playing a kroot army.

  3. Avatar
    fluger March 3, 2013 1:19 am #

    Way to go team Sinister. Internet high fives for the PacNW!

  4. Avatar
    Captn Dees March 5, 2013 2:59 pm #

    Someone tell me there are some pictures from the goofy costumes for the event! I had a blast!

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