25% off GW 40K and Fantasy Pre-Order Special!

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Hey everyone, it’s that time again!

At Frontline Gaming we offer 25% off pre-order specials for new product releases. We have a big one this week which GW has released a video of, here: http://youtu.be/mUNcqK2617A

So long as you place your order before the release date, we will honor a 25% discount off of retail pricing for your entire order including non-GW product too, such as Infinity or Wamrachine to name a few! There are a few exceptions to this for certain items we can’t discount at that level such as miniatures cases and such. We will let you know if that applies to anything you order. We can’t post images or prices of the product in accordance with out agreement with GW, but you can check out their site to get more info on the goodies we have for sale!

To place an order, email what you want to: Orders@FrontlineGaming.org

We charge a flat $5.99 shipping fee within the continental USA, and we do ship internationally.

A LOT of you all have used us for these deals in the past and we have gotten nearly universal good reviews on our customer service and prices, so feel confident your order will be handled well with us. Any orders placed will ship next week as the release date is Saturday, March 2nd. Please note, we will not be answering email Friday or Saturday during the day as we will be running our big tournament the BAO at the same time and will be unavailable all day. Don’t be alarmed, we will respond to your emails promptly and all emails sent to us on time will get the discounted price.

Thanks, and happy gaming!



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One Response to “25% off GW 40K and Fantasy Pre-Order Special!”

  1. Gregorius42 February 25, 2013 5:15 pm #

    Placed order and confirmed invoice. Thanks for discount and for carrying so many awesome models.

    I told Lori that I placed an order and she asked if I had considered building my current stock of models first. Of course, I told her, Yep I sure did consider it… And decided I needed a Titan alternative and a Daemon codex more than I need to build my fourth land raider!

    Thanks again and good luck this weekend.

    Oh, I almost forgot. I finally finished my Nurgle army and it pretty much sucked in the RTT this weekend. It should not be slow and purposeful but slow and aimless. No overwatch, no run, WTF.

    I lost to SoB even and won Best Painted. But I am unhappy with slow plague marines. On the other hand they get to fire their heavy weapons… Which is handy since they do not have any heavy weapons.

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