BAO 2013 40K Tickets Added to the Shopping Cart!

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We opened up more spots for the BAO 40K event, and gave first dibs to those on the waiting list. Now, we’re opening it up to everyone, so grab them while they’re hot!

They’re already moving fast. After we sell these, that’s it, there is physically no more room in the venue for more players! That will put us at 150 40K players! What we will do for rounds (as you need 8 round over 128 players), is add a championship round (assuming that we have over 128 show up, we typically have about 20 no-shows). Everyone else will still play 7 games, but the top 2 players will play one last game to determine who the top dog is. That way everyone who has travel plans can still stick to them, but we still have a true champion at the end of the event.

Grab those tickets here.

40K Doubles is going really strong, too and some of the costumes we’re seeing are hilarious! Fantasy is pushing 50 players at this point, which is awesome, and the 40K Narrative event is looking to be good fun, too and there is still room for that!

Looking forward to having you all there!


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