Signals from the Frontline: New Rleases, News, BAO Information, Rant Sessions, List Review

Signals from the Frontline

Signals from the Frontline

Signals from the Frontline: New Rleases, News, BAO Information, Rant Sessions, List Review

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The Overlord
9 years ago

Reece have you seen the Necron Flyer update in the digital codex? You should post a link on Frontline. It’ll help your issues with the BAO as well! Here is the link to another blog.

9 years ago
Reply to  The Overlord

That image of the digital codex looks like the armor is 13 / 12 / 21

No talk about TShft wow maybe you guys are just not excited to see me….

I click on Snorgtees every time such good marketing….

9 years ago

Hey guys, thanks for reviewing my list! Sorry if that formatting is a little funky, using the Quartermaster iPhone app to write it (which I highly recommend), The Heldrakes should have Baleflamers, sorry about that typo (thought I had the Baleflamer set to be equipped by default in the app, fixing that now), and the squad has 10 Plasma guns, it’s just listed a 1 and 9, the one alone is the champion’s (and costs a whole 2 more points).

I just thought I’d point out that (at least in the print version) it says for all 3 of the special characters that they have to be in the primary detachment to unlock ____wing as troops. So even with Belial in an allied detachment, they’re Elites.

Big Jim
Big Jim
9 years ago

The bottom line is the Chaos Marine Codex is CRAP! GW needs to stop pretending ATSKNF and the other two free spec rules is not a huge deal and needs to be figured into the cost of the loyalist Marines.

9 years ago

Banner of Devastation works best with Bikers since they have Twin-Linked Bolters and Relentess. Meaning they can move 12″ and Fire 4 shots at 24″ Twin-linked.

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