New Releases and Artwork and a Mephiston Trailer Video!

There’s some cool looking new releases coming in from multiple manufacturers and games.

Undead Wyvern from Titan-Forge

Undead Wyvern from Titan-Forge

Do you hear the unholy scream of some foul beast? Do you feel the gust of the wind from massive wings? Yup, the Undead Wyvern is incoming, and she is ready to rumble! Now, we know you waited quite a bit for this little girl, and we also know we teased you quite a bit (but no hard feeling eh?), so we dedicated this whole post to some Undead Wyvern madness. However, this beast doesn’t come alone! On 21st January whole second wave of Drakskull Menace will hit the shelves! Leading the reinforcements will be Undead Wyvern (duh!), but right behind her will march the Cryptstalk Boyz, followed by packs of Direwulfs. On right flank you will seeGhostboar Riders, and on the left flank Etheral Ghostboar Riders. So, no more teasers, ladies and gentlemans – here she is!

A Sci-Fi heroine from Raging Heroes!

A Sci-Fi heroine from Raging Heroes!

A customisable Sci-Fi heroine who will lead evil units such as the SF Blood Vestals to victory!

Blister contains Skaarlys with 4 options:

Right arm: fan and pistol

Left arm: whip and sword

KaiLimSoulDrinkers1 (1) yarrick-7-large 530272_474948592541303_607715280_nSome cool new BL artwork fro upcoming books!


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