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We’ve been painting like mad!!

12-21-12 pics 020


This Khorne army was mine, but I decided to sell it, and I finished painting it for the client. It came out really well! Check out more pics of the entire army here.

12-19-12 pics 032This beautiful Nid army really came out great! The basing and carapace work were top notch. More pics here.

12-19-12 pics 021


This Imotehk had some really sweet airbrush work done, along with a custom base and some weathering work. More pics here.

12-19-12 pics 019


This Slaneesh Terminator was a model that our client made using a 3D printer! Very cool. More pics here.

12-19-12 pics 024

This very cool Abbaddon features a custom base, excellent blending work and some great color choices. More pics here.

12-19-12 pics 018


This Raven Guard army is a great example of how a level 1 army gets you a very good looking force on the table top for not much money. More pics here.



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