Guest Editorial by the French Overlord: Accounts of Sisters of Battle … (With Grey Knight Allies)

A guest editorial on Sisters in competitive play by the French Overlord.

This article below will cover why you should play Sisters of Battle, what you should expect and what are their strength and weakness. I guess I should introduce myself, people know me locally in the Pacific Northwest as Mikhail Lenin or the French Overlord and I have been playing Warhammer 40,000 for about 18 years ever since I was 9 years old but I have only begun my path to being a true competitive contender in the last 5-6 years. Over the half of the last decade I have played 7 different Competitive Armies to various Regional Tournaments (OFCC, TSHFT, Guardian Cup, etc…) but it wasn’t until 6th Edition landed that the stars were aligned for me to participate in one of the biggest Competitive Event in the USA for 40k, NOVA OPEN.

6th Edition was brand new and the field wasn’t quite settled on what was reliable and working. At the time I was still building up my Sister of Battles towards a 5th Edition set-up with mechanized DCA and Sister Units. Upon reading the changes to vehicles in 6th edition, I knew instantly that mechanized DCA that weren’t in an Assault Vehicle were just not as effective especially with the Power Weapon changes; the addition of First Blood meant that lines of Low AV tanks were too risky to give it up. The Army quickly morphed into a much more Infantry based army with 1 or 2 elements of mechanization, preferably only 1 which I had to deploy since it was much easier to hide 1 Rhino than several and the other sitting in reserve. The reason for at least 1 mech unit was for access to at least 1 searchlight that didn’t depend on my Exorcists firing in the dark first, to be able to reach out the relic first turn and to set up position on farther objectives and or gaining Line Breaker.

6th Edition list building became more of composing a symphony than a rap song that was 5th edition where you could “sample” (cut & paste) redundancy of units you knew were reliably effective such as a lot of cheap scoring mechanized units. I entered this phase with my Sisters unlike any of my previous armies where they would focus on a few aspect of the Meta and do them extremely well, this Sister’s list became about bringing a lot of precision tools and focusing on maximizing on the new winning conditions. The entrance of the Ally mechanic fit that philosophy perfectly as it allowed me to take even more tools that I might not have access to or even better altogether than the ones I have access to. This gave birth to the first iteration of my Sisters of Battle with Grey Knight Allies:

Awesome image by Frost7


Saint Celestine – Warlord



Sisters of Battle Squad – 10x – Meltagun, Multimelta, Combi-Plasma

Sisters of Battle Squad – 10x – Meltagun, Multimelta, Combi-Plasma

Sisters of Battle Squad – 10x – 2x Meltaguns, Combi-Melta

-Rhino – 1x – Searchlight

Henchmen Warband – 5x Acolytes w/ Bolters, 2x Jokaero

Fast Attack:

Seraphim Squad – 10x – 4 Hand Flamers, 1 Eviscerator

Dominion Squad – 10x – 4 Flamers

-Rhino – 1x – Searchlight

Heavy Support:

Retributors – 5x – 4 Heavy Bolters

Exorcist – Searchlight

Exorcist – Searchlight

Dreadknight – Nemesis Greatsword, Nemesis Doomfist, Heavy Incinerator, Personal Teleporter


Bastion – Icarus Lascannon

Total – 2,000 Pts

You will probably notice the list is nothing special and in fact my first reaction after pulling out the models for the first time that this list looks like a hodgepodge of a lot of units but each choice was picked for a specific reason and let delve into these decisions:

  • • Why Sisters of Battle? 6th Edition has made Foot Infantry a lot lucrative than just sticking them into a Vehicle platform and the benefit of Sisters of Battle units is that they are essentially Marines with WS3, T3, I3 and no ATSKNF but retain a 3+ save, gain a 6++ save, are cheaper than a Marine with essentially the same shooting wargear but are in fact better at shooting due to the multiplicative effect of their Acts of Faith. (Think of Acts of Faith like an Order that passes on a specific dice roll)
  • • Why Grey Knight Allies? Essentially for the Unit Access the GK codex allows that I will discuss below.
  • • Saint Celestine? 6th Edition has made this HQ even more ridiculous than 5th edition. For a whopping 115 Points, you gain a Fearless, 2+/4++, Jump Infantry Independent Character that has a monster Statline (WS7,I7,A5), a Power Sword that will wound at the worse on a 4+ and fires as a Heavy Flamer. But what you really pay for her is what the special rules she has called Miraculous Intervention where after she dies, on your next turn, she will stand back up from the spot she died on a roll of 4+ with D3 wounds and acts normally if the roll is failed you get to try again later turns or until the game ends. To receive First Blood or Slay the Warlord you would need her to be “Napping” at the end of the game from her. Going Second with Saint Celestine can be a major headache for your opponents as she can easily get back up on the last turn, zoom to get Line Breaker or contest an objective or worse score an objective with the Warlord Trait. She usually rides with the Seraphim as she grants them Fearless, +1 on the Faith Check Roll and they grant her Hit&Run (At her Iniative of 7).
  • • Coteaz? 6th edition introduced new Psychic Powers specifically Divination which Coteaz has access to with 2 rolls on the table and is Mastery Level 2. This makes the already cheap great HQ even better from the perspective of how I set him up. Essentially I am looking for 2 Powers, Prescience and Perfect Timing (Misfortune being a close third). Prescience giving me the ability to re-roll to hit with Shooting or Close Combat and Perfect Timing granting him and his unit Ignore Cover. He exponentially makes that Henchmen Warband unit a great shooting platform while having the best vantage point of the army, the top of the Bastion. Coteaz manning the Icarus Lascannon would make the total Lascannon shots come to 4, and in addition Perfect Timing that unit is essentially death to Vehicle and Flyers even. Coteaz also allows me to negate some of the effects of Seize the Iniative with his special rule “Spy Network” and also provides great defensive bubble from Drop Pod Armies or Daemons with his special rule “I’ve been expecting you.”
  • • The Sisters of Battle Squads? These units are the only option for troops available from the SoB mini-Dex and while not really price optimize they are still cheaper than Marines and have similar firepower until you take into account their Faith Power. Their Act of Faith, “Light of the Emperor”, can be used once in three different phase of your turn; the first being the Movement Phase which allows the unit to automatically rally ignoring any restrictions; the second and third in the Shooting Phase and Close Combat Phase allowing them to Re-Roll any rolls of 1 to hit. This essentially makes them a bit more effective than Marines in Shooting and now that they can shoot at 24” while moving makes them decent but by no account amazing. (You can also take unit size up to 20)
  • • The Henchmen Warband? This unit is set-up as a great firebase for the top of the Bastion and the extra additional benefit from rolling on the Jokaero Table is a nice addition such as Rending, or the 5+ invulnerable. They can also disembark from the Bastion from the top floor through the Bastion door in 1 turn and thus making them great if I need to claim an objective near by.
  • • The Seraphim Squad? This unit is actually one of my favorite for many reasons. They have 2 Bolt Pistols or 2 Hand Flamers (on 2 Models) and an Eviscerator. They are babysat by the Saint and thus gain Fearless but they also have Hit & Run which now runs off the highest Initiative of the unit. Their act of Faith is called “The Emperor’s Deliverance” and it allows them to re-roll to wound from shooting essentially making Celestine’s Heavy Flamer and all those Hand Flamers quite effective. They are one of the unit that is quite reliable at getting their act of Faith off as they benefit from this rule called “Angelic Visage” allowing them to re-roll the check to see if they pass their Act of Faith. (It also allows them to re-roll their 6++ save). They make a remarkably great unit to tag along with the Saint, especially with all those Walls of Death rolls when they get charges.
  • • The Dominion Squad? This unit has a lot of options for gameplay as it benefits from Scout (and thus Outflank) and I decided to gear mine for anti-infantry for their flamers benefit the most out of their Act of Faith called “Holy Fusillade” as it makes their weapons Twin-Linked and thus Re-Roll to wound for their Flamers. The best setup I have seen them used is a 5 Dominion strong unit with 2 Flamers and a Combi-Melta in an Immolator with a Twin-Linked Multi-Melta but my reasons against it was because of the Scouring which essentially makes that unit more of a liability than a good one as both the unit and the vehicle are worth a Victory Point each.
  • • The Retributor Squad? This unit is perfect for deploying inside the Bastion as the 4 Heavy Bolter Sisters can man the 4 fire points on the mid-section and the sergeant on one of the emplaced Heavy Bolter (which now has Precision Strike). Their Act of Faith is called “Divine Guidance” and grants them Rending for the shooting phase (even the emplaced Heavy Bolters being operated by Retributors.)
  • • The Exorcists? Aside from their amazing weapon (48” Str 8 AP 1 D6 Shots), they have a predator chassis (13/12/10) and benefit from a 6++ save making them quite a deal for 135 points.
  • • The Dreadknight? This is one expensive guy and thus far he has not disappointed and while I would never consider running him in any of Grey Knight list, he was perfect for my Sister army. He function as a great support unit for the Seraphims or is great at putting pressure on my opponent on turn 1 letting the rest of the army who is walking get into better position.
  • • The Bastion? It probably become self-apparent in the previous unit choice why I chose a Bastion but why a Bastion over an Aegis Defense Line. Really it comes down to the fact that the Bastion provide the units inside a much better vantage point for shooting to maximize on things like Focus Fire and it is much harder for my opponent to use the Bastion in his favor than the Aegis Defense Line.

Image by willism23

Well you are probably tired at this point of reading about the army and hear perhaps some tales about it performed at NOVA OPEN. First, I would like to point out that I made it all the way to the Semi-Finals and played Tony Kopach for my last game. The reason you never saw me under the streaming video was because at the time my army was not fully painted, it was in fact about 70% painted and the two reasons I took it to NOVA was because it felt like my most competitive army for 6th Edition (at least it was the more reliable ones in all the play testing) and there was nothing in the pamphlet that mentioned anything about being painted.

Mike Brandt told me the night before the Semi-Finals that he couldn’t let a non-fully painted army win NOVA and thus either I could let the person ranked under me advance or play the Semi-Final game knowing that no matter the result, my opponent would advance. Being a TO myself, I understood Mike’s decision very well and he apologized because he was fully aware that they didn’t set this criteria first hand. I told him that I flew across the country to play new and the best players NOVA could offer and I would prefer to play the game. I was just excited to know that I made it this far. It was a dream come true for me when I found out I was playing Tony Kopach that morning, a chance to test myself against him, the NOVA Laureate. I ended losing that game by a very small margin (Time mostly) and I think Tony learned a lot that day in regards to Sisters. Here is a breakdown of what I played at NOVA and some quick commentary:

  • 1. Draigowing – Paladins do not like Exorcists or the amount of sheer range anti-infantry the army put out. This was a very 1 sided game in my favor. Unfortunately my opponent already surrendered to the hopeless after the third turn and I could feel continuing the game was annoying him but I tried my best to be a gentleman about it.
  • 2. Mech Grey Knight with IG Allies – The Dreadknight shunted into a Ruin in my opponent table half and I had the Stealth for my entire Army Warlord Trait. It took his army 2 turns of consecutive firing into him to kill it while losing a lot of vehicles to the rest of the army. Vendettas were shot out of the Air by Coteaz. My opponent was a great sportman and we had a very enjoyable game.
  • 3. Drop Pod Vanilla Marines with IG Allies – Coteaz’s “I’ve Been expecting you” prevented his Pods from landing in good positions in my table half and thus were now losing a Shooting war with my army. Also Celestine got back up 4 times and was able to flame out most of his De-Mech IG. Vendetta again shot out of the Air by Coteaz. We had a stellar time playing and he was a true gentleman in regards to how annoying Celestine can be.
  • 4. Drop Pod Vanilla Marine with Drop Pod Blood Angels (40 Sternguard) – The initial Landing was not terrible as Coteaz’s shooting was not very effective when they landed but the Dreadknight + Seraphim + Celetine quickly cleaned the LZ leaving me most of the rest of the game hunting down his remaining troops. Very fun opponent and was a nailbiter.
  • 5. Necron with Ork Allies – This was another example of the Dreadknight being unstoppable due to lack of AP2 or 1 weapons in shooting combined with a lot of range anti-infantry. Coteaz was not very successful at shooting flyers that game and it was a great close game.
  • 6. Blood Angels with Space Wolf Allies – This game was actually extremely close mostly due to a mistake I made with my deployment and some bad luck on my part during turn 1 which me and my opponent trade after turn 3.
  • 7. Space Wolf with IG Allies – Tony Kopach finally. I made 1 huge error in my first turn which echoed throughout the game and that was shunting my Dreadknight to snipe off his Platoon Command Squad to prevent them gaining “first and second rank fire”. Sacrificing him to the sheer amount of Plasmaguns near him. Other than that my first turn saw me take out roughly 30 Guardsmen out of his blob from the Dominion Scouting forward and flaming his Blob as well as the Retributors focus firing on the left over the unit out of cover. Had we enough time to start our turn 6, I believe I could have pulled a win over him but it would have been meaningless from the purpose of advancing. I had a lot of fun playing Tony and I was happy of how far I got.

I enjoyed all my games at NOVA and had a blast but like every event I attend I leave with notions of what I needed to change and some recommendation for the Organizer. I have since adjusted my List to reflect the changes I feel needed to be done after my experience at NOVA and next year I intend to be back and fully painted! And hopefully next year I will get to play Tony again and all my previous opponents. My personal highlights that weekend was having a few gentlemen tell me that I re-spark their interest in playing Sisters of Battle again and hearing my opponents coming to support me in later games.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I would like to thank the Pacific Northwest Gaming Groups: Ordo Fanaticus, Guardian 40k Players, Team BIO, TSHFT, Drunken Mamma’s Boyz and the Bellingham Warhamsters.

I leave you with my current list which recently took TSHFT Champion and what I am planning on take to BAO (Minus 250 points).


Saint Celestine – Warlord



Vindicare Assasin


Sisters of Battle Squad – 10x – Meltagun, Multi-Melta, Combi-Plasma

Sisters of Battle Squad – 10x – Meltagun, Multi-Melta, Combi-Plasma

Henchman Warband – 3x Servitors with 2 Heavy Bolters, 1 Plasma Cannon and 2x Jokaero

Grey Knight Strike Squad – 10x – 2 Psycannons, Nemesis Daemonhammer, Psybolt Ammo

– Rhino – Searchlight

Fast Attack:

Seraphim Squad – 10x – 4 Hand Flamers, Meltabomb

Heavy Support:

Retributors – 5x – 4 Heavy Bolters

Exorcist – Searchlight

Exorcist – Searchlight

Dreadknight – Nemesis Greatsword, Nemesis Doomfist, Heavy Incinerator, Personal Teleporter


Bastion – Icarus Lascannon

Total – 2,000 Pts


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24 Responses to “Guest Editorial by the French Overlord: Accounts of Sisters of Battle … (With Grey Knight Allies)”

  1. Doujan December 3, 2012 2:38 am #

    An excellent article, very indepth and insightful. I look forward to more of the same in future.

  2. fluger December 3, 2012 8:32 am #

    Yay, Jeremy!

  3. KEO December 3, 2012 10:57 am #

    Glad to see someone use the Bastion competitively.

    • Joel December 3, 2012 1:10 pm #

      I played a guy recently rnning Divination-kitted Coteaz and he runs him INSIDE the Bastion with some plasma cannon servitors. If he gets the reroll saves power, he makes Coteaz 1/36 chance to wound to most of the hits that a Bastion can take and transfer. It sucked to pay against. Just sucked.

      • Reecius December 3, 2012 1:22 pm #

        Yeah, playing against guys with a reroll 2+ is annoying, isn’t it? Haha, I get to play against that type of unit all the damn time, and it is lame! haha

  4. Vidar December 3, 2012 11:20 am #

    Thanks for one of the most comprehensive army list breakdowns I have ever read. Getting into the mind of tournament list-builders is always a treat. Good Luck.

  5. Overwatch December 3, 2012 12:09 pm #

    Let me get this straight. NOVA had nothing published requiring an army to be painted yet wouldn’t let you win the tournament because your army wasn’t painted? That is pretty terrible Tournament Organization imo. Not to mention he told you this the round prior to you playing Tony which makes it seem even more like they set Tony up to win the tournament than it already seems… Wow, I am not sure I will ever be attending the NOVA there is just way too many shenanigans whether real or not that seem to surround that event.

    On topic, I really like the way Sisters are coming out of the woodwork. Having been playing 40k for a long time it is nice to finally see Sisters on the table top again in a competitive way. Congrats on doing so well with them and I found this a great read.

    • MVB December 3, 2012 12:48 pm #

      Overwatch – what do you base your accusations upon? Let’s keep it private, if you care to … if you’ve already set your mind based upon hearsay, no worries – to your heart’s content.

      Tony actually had one of the tougher schedules of any attendee, in terms of strength of schedule when you parse it out, and in terms of the names / players he went up against. Of all the Invitational qualifiers, for instance, the program randomizing pairings actually paired him against other Invitational players throughout the GT by dumb luck … something none of the other Invite quals had to deal with.

      If making the schedule harder on him via a randomizing piece of software not designed by the NOVA was “setting things up for him,” you’ve got even me fooled as to how I pulled that off.

      • Overwatch December 3, 2012 10:46 pm #

        Pm sent.

      • Overwatch December 4, 2012 8:41 am #

        Mike and I spoke via email and I would just like to say I retract my statement above. I also checked what he told me via email with a few others to verify the information. I owe the NOVA an apology, I spoke from a place of misinformation as many of us do, knowingly or not, while on the internet.

    • Defeatmyarmy December 3, 2012 4:06 pm #

      Ya that’s pretty unorganized of them, however he admitted to losing. I would’ve loved to see sisters win it their always an “underdog” and one of the most rxpensive armies ever!

  6. MikhailLenin December 3, 2012 12:21 pm #

    Regarding the NOVA thing, yes even a few days before the Event there was nothing posted on requiring Paint to win and I have people from my gaming group who can confirm this as they scoured the website and documentation to prove me wrong about my reading. I don’t think it was necessarily shenanigans, I apologized to all my opponents pre-game about the lack of a completed army paint job and I don’t necessarily view the judgement as anything but what it was. Which is to say this wasn’t at all manipulation behind the scene at all. I was actually extremely happy I got to play Tony because if I didn’t and he went to the Final, I wouldn’t have gotten to play him at all. My friend who came with me to NOVA was more pissed about the judgement than I was.

    Thanks to everyone on their comments of the article. I am currently working on a Necron List that I will take to TSHFT OPEN in January as their first trial by fire. I will probably have a lot of things to talk about in regards to Necrons.

  7. MVB December 3, 2012 12:43 pm #

    Just as a quick FYI – the NOVA account isn’t entirely accurate. Jeremy and I chatted about some of the things we might address, such as the lack of a fully painted army.

    There would have been no impact on his generalship result had he advanced past Tony (and, we didn’t dodge him from the top table … the program just put him on Table 2).

    During Jeremy’s game with Tony, we had a lot of internal chatter about what to do regarding the painting requirement issue, and decided we’d adequately addressed it within the framework of the rules anyway. Best Overall, the Winner of the NOVA Open, is determined by 50% appearance score, which he wasn’t eligible for. Best General isn’t, and he would have been permitted to continue playing in the event of a win.

    I will say it was our fault for the way the appearance rules and what-not were published. We’ve actually got a new appearance judge as a whole this year, as there was a lot of confusion on appearance “shtuff” as a whole.

    I hadn’t read this article, and someone directed me here, and I wanted to add this … as well as personal apologies to Jeremy for all the confusion involved. Given the timeframe between editions and the lack of clear rules on these issues, he was completely fine – hopefully a fact reinforced by us being fine with (and quite encouraging of) him playing.

    As far as gaming with sisters go, there’s not much I can add to the discussion … Jeremy played them exceptionally well, with flawless application of the allies components to the way the army was designed and played. Nothing but bravos here (plus aforementioned pub apologies and all that jazz).

    • MVB December 3, 2012 12:45 pm #

      Clarity in short – Jeremy was CORRECT that we talked about what to do if he advanced to the top table (i.e., could we award him Best General, would we put him on camera, etc.). The final rulings on these things were the 40k TO’s to make (I’m oddly not the actual TO during the event, for a variety of reasons), and we chatted about it during the game. I am in error for not better conveying to Jeremy after the game what the final call was/would have been. In short, that he could not have won Best Overall (which was not mathematically realistic anyway), but could have taken Best General.

      • MikhailLenin December 3, 2012 12:56 pm #

        Like I said repeatedly, the judgement was not something that bothered me (Even before or after the game) but I was under the impression after our talk that I could not go past game 7 no matter the result. But I could be wrong in that misunderstood the conclusion, I was still living off the adrenaline from getting that far. It is not my intention to cause Drama here by the by, I am merely retelling an account of events from my perspective. Kudos if I was in the running for Best General but I don’t like to deal with Hypothetical, the fact of the matter was Tony won and that was that and there is always next year.

  8. Kevin December 3, 2012 3:13 pm #

    As a Sisters of Battle player, I found this article to be VERY insightful. I am just wondering about the layout of your Battle Sister squads. Why them multi-meltas? Unless you expect enemy tanks to be coming towards you, taking them forces you to be a bit static with them. Also, why mostly Sisters on foot? Do Mechanized Sisters simply not work as well any more?

    Otherwise, yours was a very insightful article, and I applaud it. It’s nice seeing well thought-out tactical articles on Sisters once in a while.

    • MikhailLenin December 3, 2012 3:42 pm #

      Thanks Kevin, in regards to your questions:

      Multi-meltas on Foot: With the arrival of 6th Edition where shooting Weapons is resolved by the model not the unit, meaning that the unit can move and as long as they keep squad coherency and the model carrying the heavy weapon didn’t move, they can fire at full effect. Most games the sister squads get at most 1-2 turns of moving into position and then proceed to hunker down. It is actually hard to get 2 Meltaguns in position on foot if you are no mechanize and since the Multimelta cost no more than the Meltagun, it is by far my preferred choice on foot.

      Mechanized Sisters have too many downsides for me to be attractive to play, now I don’t mean not having a mechanized element being good (I like 1 or 2 but not a whole army of them). Firstly for Sister Units, if the Rhino receives any shaken or stunned result (even if it is in the same volley that inherently destroys the vehicle) the Sisters can only Snap fire for their next round of shooting which has a large impact. For melee units not in assault vehicles, it means they can’t assault during their next turn if the vehicle is destroyed, it also means they have to disembark a turn before the turn they want to charge. My usual experience with my mechanize units is that I disembark them usually on turn 1 as my Grey Knight Strike Squad in the midfield will have range to most of the things I want to be shooting at turn 1. Also too many Low Armor Value vehicles means it is much easier for my opponent to get First Blood as it becomes really hard for me to hide them out of LOS from his shooting if I am going second.

      • Kevin December 3, 2012 3:50 pm #

        I guess I’ll have to try out Sisters on foot, then. At the very least, all those points I usually spend on Rhinos should be able to get me a lot of points for upgrades/numbers elsewhere. I should also add at this stage that I’ve also started using GK allies, so your article also helped out there (I haven’t used Coteaz yet, but the Dreadknight is certainly a tempting option now).

        Thanks again!

  9. Black Blow Fly December 3, 2012 4:48 pm #

    Great article !!! One of the best I’ve read in a long time. Good luck with your tournaments.


  10. Ben Cromwell December 3, 2012 9:26 pm #

    Hell yeah Jermey great article. I look forward to seeing you round 5 at the TSHFT Open.This time victory will be mine 🙂

  11. kevin Spooner February 6, 2013 11:35 am #

    i was wondering is there an email or some way i can contact the guy who wrote this article cause i have some questions for him

  12. kevin Spooner February 6, 2013 6:39 pm #

    First off i want to say i love this army that you created i started using an almost exact list to this but i made a few changes i took out half the serephems there upgrades and all the combi weapons and added a storm raven. This list has really brought me out of my gaming rut i play in a weekly league and this has brought me into competing with the rest of them

    now comes my questions why do you run saint celestine with the serephems when i do that they just die and dont do much. I usually run them as a separate unit then with the saint. Also how do you over come them destroying the bastion with everything in it.

    My second question is i trying to set up a tournament that would start being run every year and i was wondering if we get it up and running and we give you enough warning that you could possibly show up to play. I live in Arkansas so i dont know if you would be able to and possibly some people you play with but i really want to see your list in action. if you are interested just let me know and ill give you the details when i have them

    alsodoyou possibly have a fb that i can add u on so we cold talk some more im 16 and am just really starting thehobby and kinda want tolearn more


    • MikhailLenin February 7, 2013 9:57 am #

      I run Celestine with the Seraphims essentially for Hit & Run. Losing the Seraphims is not that huge of a deal but preventing Celestine from being Locked and to continue to harass my opponent.

      I only deploy Coteaz and Henchmen in the Bastion is my opponent doesn’t have the ability to destroy it easily in the first turn. (Units like Manticores, Medusa, Broadside, Ravenwing Attacks Bikes with Multi-Melta, etc)

      I live in Oregon and my calendar year is pretty booked up at the moment in regards to tournament travel. But I sincerely hope your tournament succeeds and you let Reecius know how it went with bat reps, etc …

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