For Sale: Forgeworld Chaos Khorne Army

Hey everyone, I am selling my Horne Chaos army!

So, I don’t want to sell it, but I have my Night Lords Army already and having two Chaos armies is kind of silly. So after some deliberation, I decided I’d rather have the Night Lords (love their fluff!) and am willing to let the Khorne army go.

It is almost all Forgeworld, and super pretty. It is base coated only, layered up from black to red and the paint work for a base coat is awesome if I do say so myself. The Rhino is a little further along with some highlighting and weathering work. All the vehicles have Khorne iconography on them, and the Defiler has a ton of bits added on to make it look extra choppy!

With the new Chaos book imminent, I thought that this would be a great time to let this bad boy go as it will end up in the happy hands of someone excited to play the new book!

The army consists of:

Lord Zhufor (Forgeworld Khorne Terminator Lord, awesome model)

Custom Kharn (converted to be more dynamic)

30 Foregworld Berzerkers (3 with Power fists)

Conversion kit for 10 more Forgeworld Berzerkers (still in bag)

Forgeworld Khorne Rhino doors (still in bag)

10 Bloodletters


2 Land Raiders

GW Case with custom Khorne logo painted on it.

This all retails for just about $650 and I am willing to let it go cheap. $500 and it’s all ready assembled, cleaned and base coated. 

Lastly, if the buyer wants me to finish painting it, I am totally cool with that and we can discuss rates, etc.

Thanks for looking!

Click on the pictures for larger versions that aren’t slightly distorted! 


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3 Responses to “For Sale: Forgeworld Chaos Khorne Army”

  1. Sean Ireland August 19, 2012 7:20 am #

    Nice looking army, if I wasn’t wanting to do an entire build for the new codex this would make a great start. That army should go fast, talk about taking the work out.

  2. Tom September 8, 2012 9:50 am #

    Hey, would you ship to the U.K.?

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