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Anything from the Hickmans will at the very least get me to take a look. They are the creators of one of my all time favorite Fantasy series: The Dragonlance Chronicles.

The Kickstarter page.

The official press release:


Albino Dragon Launches The Dragon’s Bard Board Game On


International bestselling authors Tracy & Laura Hickman team with international award

winning game designer Richard Borg to create a stunning visual game of subtly and depth.

Austin, TX — August 7, 2012— Albino Dragon Games announced today the launching

of Dragon’s Bard, The Board Game on Kickstarter. The board game is a collaborative

project based on Dragon’s Bard, the fantasy book series from international bestselling

authors Tracy and Laura Hickman and Richard Borg, international award winning board

game designer. Albino Dragon, a joint venture founded by Richard Bliss and Erik Dahlman

is the publishing company bringing the game to market.

Using the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, Albino Dragon has launched Dragon’s Bard as a

project seeking $10,000 over 45 days. Kickstarter allows initial backers to pledge funds to

support the project in the early stages of development.

Shane Tyree, artist in residence for Albino Dragon, created the stunning artwork and

imagery that brings Tracy & Laura’s world of dragon’s to life within the game. Designed as

a family game for 3-6 players, the game incorporates a smooth flowing use of mechanics

that allow for constant involvement for all players.

“I’ve long been an admirer of Richard Borg’s brilliantly crafted games,” said Tracy

Hickman, co-author of Dragon’s Bard. “To see our stories brought so vividly to life through

his design and Shane Tyree’s inspired art is a fantasy come true for us.”

Dragon’s Bard is the third game from Albino Dragon, an Austin-based game company

founded in 2012 by Richard Bliss and Erik Dahlman. The previous two titles were

Genegrafter and Ace of Spies; both funded through Kickstarter and produced by Albino


“We are thrilled to bring together Tracy, Laura, and Richard to produce a game of such

beauty and style,” said Richard Bliss, Co-Founder of Albino Dragon. “Fans of the Dragon’s

Bard series will be just as enthralled with the game experience as they are with the books.”

Those wishing to back the Dragon’s Bard Kickstarter project can visit the Kickstarter page


About Albino Dragon, LLC

Founded in 2012 by Richard Bliss and Erik Dahlman, Albino Dragon, LLC is a premier

publisher of tabletop board games that focus on both domestic and international markets.

Richard and Erik both are veterans of the Silicon Valley software industry. Richard has

been an executive vice-president and Chief Marketing officer for the past 16 years for

a wide range of US and International software companies. Erik Dahlman has been a

software developer and serial entrepreneur for more than a decade. Together they bring a

wide range of skills and experience to Albino Dragon.

About Tracy & Laura Hickman

Tracy and Laura Hickman have been writing science fiction and fantasy professionally for

over a quarter of a century.

Tracy is the New York Times Best-selling author of ‘Dragonlance’, ‘The Death Gate Cycle’

and ‘Dragonships’ (with Margaret Weis) as well as the upcoming ‘Drakis’ trilogy and ‘The


Laura is the author of ‘The Bronze Canticles Trilogy’ and the original ‘Ravenloft’ adventure

game (with Tracy).

Both have been teaching seminars and workshops in Speculative Fiction for much of their

professional lives.

About Richard Borg

Richard Borg has been a professional game designer for 20 years and has licensed more

than 50 game titles. His awards include:

1993 – Spiel des Jahres – Highest International Award for game design

2000 – International Gamers Award

2001 – Meeples’ Choice Award

2004 – International Gamers Award & Award for Excellence

2006 – Origins Award for Game of the Year

2010 – Inducted to the Charles Roberts Awards Hall of Fame

Press Contact

Albino Dragon, LLC

Phone: 408-821-5918



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