Alternative Miniatures: Ramshackle Games Releases Quad Guns

Check out these cool quad guns from Ramshackle Games!

Some new pieces have just gone up in the Ramshackle Games web store. These are based around the Anti Air quad cannon. It is available in the same way as the cannon from a few weeks ago with a trailer. With the trailer its priced at £15 or just on its own at £8. The Anti Air gun can also be had with the Gnu at a deal price of £18.


These would work great for 40K IG units!


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4 Responses to “Alternative Miniatures: Ramshackle Games Releases Quad Guns”

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    Son Of Dorn July 31, 2012 8:42 pm #

    That looks super sick and would be great in a Guard army, but how many people are gonna pay the same price as the whole Aegis Line for just a quad gun? Wish it was a little cheaper. 🙁

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    Ramshackle_Curtis August 5, 2012 12:06 am #

    Hi there,

    Its £8 for just the gun, and £18 for the gun mounted on the back of the vehicle, whereas the Aegis Line is the gun plus some walls for £18.

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