40K Rumor: Eldar Unit Descriptions

Rumor Stew! Mmmmmm.

These rumors come to us from our pal Kirby over at 3++, down under!

Okay guys, got some extra details on the earlier Eldar rumors, specifically artwork and what everything looks like. Still no rules. Looks like the Xentarchs are indeed Exarchs, whether they are special Exarch’s or just new remodelling is to be seen. We’ve also got names nailed down a bit more from translations.

With the recent release of the end of this year’s schedule looking like Chaos and Dark Angels getting done, we might see Eldar landing early Q1 2013. This would be very much appreciated. Depending who writes it!

Anyway, details below!

Eldar Warpspiders/Everguard

5 per box

Spiders: whole squad looks like the old exarch, no huge weapon, helmets smaller, but same shape, wrist blades, two small spinner weapons on rod mount from the back. Spider web like straps on the chest that hold the backpack (doesn’t look as broad as the old version), running, jumping and slightly cowering poses, exarch has extra pair of weapons on the cover, don’t remember the back pictures

Everguard: aspect warrior body with runes on the chest, same collar as warpspiders but no mandible arcs and gas masks, different more warlock-like face plate and small arc at back of the head, double bladed two-handed spears, very dynamic models, jets from the side/underside of the backpack, squad leader has larger head-arc, mantle hangs over the backpack, flies in the wind

Eldar Sky Charriots/Shining Spears

3 per box, look like small vypers, slightly larger than jetbikes. Two parts: an engine part with jetbike-like canopy but in the shape of a dragon, owl and hawk head, sideway jets, and a distinct winged chariot part, parts are connected by arcs.

Riders either warlocks but arms are not robed, spear, sword and staff; or shining spear aspect warriors with lances, shining spears have smooth canopies with gems instead animal heads, helms look very cylon-like, have collar-like shoulderguards

Eldar Jetbikes

3 per box, the same pose as dark eldar jetbike, guardian riders with smaller helmets or bareheaded with lots of flying hair (80s heavy metal mane) and without backpack, vyper-esque smooth canopy, jet and wings have the same design as a falcon grav tank, underslung twin shuriken catapults and/or serpent-shaped bladehooks, some riders have axes with a hole in the blade

Eldar Dragon Riders

3 per box, very slender lizard mounts not unlike slaanesh steeds, all female rider, no helmets, long braids, guardian armor without backpack, all have shining spear lances, sabres and/or sniper rifles as sidearms, the armor has no decoration, not even gems or small bubbles, only exception is a gem that holds a cloak that falls to the left side of the rider, very simplistic look, not aztec or tribal at all

Eldar Wraithguard/Cataphracts

3 per box, look like old versions but have two rods for upper arms and thighs instead of just one, some have feet, some hooves, large fins at the back

Cataphracts: float/fly, fluttering cloth pieces instead of legs, wing-shaped shields and spears, segmented/armored head

Eldar Swooping Hawks

5 per box, larger wings, not so stiff and two-dimensional, several straps of clothes from the loin, wrists and ankles, model stand on these straps, both shoulder plates have inbuilt missile racks, Exarch has two shoulder-mounted blasters and a scimitar in one hand and two optional rifles, one is the same as the old exarch had, the other is a small star cannon

The Avatar of the Young King

Completely new design, much smaller, only as large as a wraithguard, set of aspect armour where every piece is spread out and connected by a body of magma, looks like an fire/earth elemental clad in a suit of armour, dire avenger helm with fire from the eyes and half burnt helm crest, floats and torso pose looks like vader during his Noooo scream, hands are armored, blood is dripping from the left, the right is molten and transformed into a blade

Eldar Warlock

fits the current warlocks but sharper robe edges, hadouken pose but with staff in two hands

Eldar Spirit Warrior

wraithlord-war walker mix, trygon base, running bird legs with hooves, huge scaled torso, a dozen poles extend from the back (like wraithlord but three times as much), left forearm replaced with massive lance, right hand holds extra handle on lance shaft or a three pronged swastika blade. Lower back, left shoulder and part of the left arm are concealed by an impressive cloak, head is surrounded by scaled armour plating, large gem at the front, doesn’t bend upward towards the end but downward, whole model leans forward, chest can be opened, female pilot inside

Eldar Phoenix Lord Nuadhu, The Fireheart

nuadhua holds lance upright, one end on the ground, points with axe on something, shining spear helm with tail of hair, layered armour like dark eldar-armour but with smooth curves, can be placed on vyper-variant, looks very similar to a vyper, canopy more segmented and wings in falcon-style, one large jet engine, chariot platform on the back, two large pennants

Eldar Webway Gate

Two arcs that almost touch each other at the top, whole construct has hazelnut shape, pyramidal platform with oval basis, several destroyed columns, front columns are intact and carry swooping hawk and dark reaper statues, whole model is covered with thorn-twines (seems to be optional)

Eldar Dire Avenger Xentarch

holds two handed samurai sword downwards, two wrist-mounted shuriken catapults, banner, 99% that the phoenix on it is modeled on, one foot stands on a rock with an owl next to it, all armour plates are bedecked with a rune pattern, don’t know if this is only painted on

Eldar Howling Banshee Xentarch

golfer pose, bends forwards and slashs upwards with a sabre, stretches other arm straight into the air, holds tri-swatiska, has snakes woven into her hair

Eldar Striking Scorpion Xentarch

jumps forwards, holds two short but thick chainswords in front, back of armour has backbone-like element that looks like a scorpion tail, continued on the helmet and ends in a sting, stands on ornamented plate with roots on it

Eldar Fire Dragon Xentarch

knees almost, holds very long pike with two hands ready to fire, huge cluster of grenades on his back and his belt, helm ends in a dragon head

Eldar Lamia Strike Fighter / Moon Siren Bomber & Eldar Black Warden

already described


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  1. Gargh July 25, 2012 6:42 pm #

    “we might see Eldar landing early Q1 2013. This would be very much appreciated. Depending who writes it!”

    What I’m wondering is… is it even about codices anymore? First the flyers- new models with new rules for everyone (when they get round to the others, I guess…)- and now the Daemons- new model with new rules, but also updated models with updated rules. I’m wondering if GW isn’t getting more flexible about this stuff- meaning we wouldn’t have to wait 5+ years for the next codex, as new minis can be released with new/updated rules at any time. It would certainly fit with their ‘one release a month’ plans.

    Maybe this is all too optimistic, but… eh, it’s good to dream.

    Also- sounds like Everguard are jumping close assaulters, Sky Chariots I guess would replace Seer Council. Dragon Riders and 80s hair jetbikers sound very cool, but I’m not sure about that Spirit Warrior. Everybody gets a mech, I guess?

    • Reecius July 26, 2012 12:14 pm #

      I am stoked about what all of this means! I may not like all the rules for 6th ed, but I love the models, the allies and new releases.

      Plus, Eldar WebWay Portal! That sounds really cool! We were told that every race would be getting terrain pieces, and it looks like that it true, so cool!

  2. Axientar July 25, 2012 7:02 pm #

    This stuff sounds EPIC!! Can’t wait to see what they actually look like. 🙂

    • Reecius July 26, 2012 12:08 pm #

      I know, I am so juiced! I am really, really excited for this.

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