40K Battle Report: Jy2’s Necrons vs. Janthkin’s Nids

This is an awesome battle report that does an excellent job of going through the rules and changes 6th ed brings us.


Jim and Kevin are both excellent players so this is a really good resource for those of you looking to get up to speed on 6th ed. Jy2 also is know for writing up some really awesome battle reports, definitely keep an eye on his stuff, he knows what he’s talking about.


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2 Responses to “40K Battle Report: Jy2’s Necrons vs. Janthkin’s Nids”

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    edwin July 9, 2012 3:22 pm #

    I really like the handling of mysterious terrain in this report. Makes things random yet consistent.

    • Reecius
      Reecius July 9, 2012 7:03 pm #

      Gave Tyranids a HUGE boost, hahaha. But I agree if you are gong to do it, that’s the way to do it.

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