New Terrain Kit Releases

This is a really nice looking piece of kit.

CNC Workshops out of Australia and Stronghold Terrain out of Germany have put out some nice new kits.

Stronghold Terrain has some relaly great kits, their site is worth checking out. I particularly like the burning tires!

Product description:

Now Stronghold Terrain becomes leaning. There is no right angle at this old Shed.

The Old Shed will be released on the 30.06.2012 at a price of only 15,90 €

Dimensions: (l/w/h): 11 x 9 x 5 cm (28mm scale)

If you like it you can place a preorder at our shop.

Ping Pong Ball terrain!

CNC Workshop some really cool MDF terrain and goodies. They have entire battlefields you can buy, and for really reasonable prices. You have to assemble and paint them but they are all fairly simple.

Product Description:

New from CNC Workshop Miniature Scenery, the tesla tower. Power up your gaming experience with this new essential piece of terrain! Why pew pew when you can ZZZAAAAPPP!!

Available to order now.


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