Horus Heresy from Foregworld….About Time!!!

Finally, the best part of 40K coming to the table top!

So, someone at Forgeworld finally realized that making a Horus Heresy supplement for 40K would be like printing money….about time!

We’re hearing all across the inter-webs that Forgeworld is finally going to give us what we’ve wanted since the Horus Heresy was written: the ability to play it!

The ever reliable Harry and Sun-Tzu have said that we can expect 2-3 waves of models and IA books focused on the absolute coolest part of the 40K universe and jumping into the story around the Isstvan III massacre, which is a great jumping on point as it starts in the middle of the action. That means big, awesome IA books and of course, Forgeworlds amazing models.

Sheesh, why in the blazes hasn’t this been done sooner? Just like making an Adeptus Mechanicus army, it is something GUARANTEED to sell. Just seems crazy not to do it, IMO.

It feels like Forgeworld has been gearing up to this with all of the Heresy era armor and models and now they are ready to really deliver the goods. This will be absolutely AWESOME if done correctly, and lately Forgeworld has really been on point, so I am confident that they will deliver the goods. It also seems they have been working closely with GW and BL’s fluff departments to correlate everything that is going on, so the story should be great if the recent IA book are any indication of what we should expect. The recent HH books have been fantastic too (well, some of them, some of them are pretty much unreadable).

But, what we want, what everyone wants,  is PRIMARCHS!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, baby! Forgeworld will give us the most amazingly awesome looking Marine character ever and it will be glorious!

So here’s to hoping that we get what we’ve been waiting for and that all of out fantasies of playing with the Primarchs in the apex of the 40K mythos will be realized. I for one, can’t wait to put Konrad Curze on the table to lead my Nightlords against the weakling Imperial lapdogs!


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10 years ago

Primarchs on the field?! Im definitely buying the Blood Angels primarch as long as he wears a nipple-less shirt. And for the Chaos side….probably buying at least 2 depending on how they look and price (hopefully under $30 per model.)

10 years ago

And wud aboud all hte hotties in Austin ??

Hmmmm ?

10 years ago

I love their big hooters !!

10 years ago

Doesnt has to be said bro .


10 years ago

So which Primarch would you like to be ? My favorite is Guilliman.

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