First Apocalypse Game at Frontline!


Come and join us for our first Apocalypse game, Saturday June 30th starting at Noon, running till 4:00pm!

We will be running these monthly, and have run quite a few Apoc events in the past so we have a solid system in place. We implement a lot of restrictions on normal Apoc but it makes the game more enjoyable and much, much faster. The Table will be 8’x8′, with a theme and fully painted terrain. It will look awesome!

  • 1,000pts per player, no force org chart. (This allows games to finish in a reasonable time frame).
  • 1 Super Heavy/Gargantuan Creature per player. This is in addition to the 1,000pts above.
  • Strength D is changed to St10 AP1 No Cover as Strength D can be a bit overpowering, particularly when one side has more than the other. Reducing Str D also makes other weapons more appealing to take on Super Heavies as you don’t want to auto-pick Str D.
  • No Stratagems.
  • No Formations.
  • We play all 3 Book Missions simultaneously (so you need troops to win, unless you think you can win on Kill Points alone!)
  • A maximum of 6 players per side, so reserve your space soon!

If you want to participate, shoot us an email or call! It’s free to play.



About Reecius

The fearless leader of the intrepid group of gamers gone retailers at Frontline Gaming!
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