Signals from the Frontline: Drop Zone Commander, GW Price Increases, Slaughter in Pace GT, New Flyer Rules

Signals from the Frontline: Drop Zone Commander, GW Price Increases, Slaughter in Pace GT, New Flyer Rules


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10 years ago

There are some wordings in the rules that point to rules for ‘flyers’. First is the Hover Strike rule where it states the Storm Talon changes it’s type to (Skimmer) rather than (Fast, Skimmer), the essential point for the rule is that the ST can’t move, well why not just say ‘Unit can’t move’? Now this could be GW not writing rules correctly or it could mean that Fast Skimmers have to move in there movement phase or at least ones with the Supersonic special rule.
The second wording was that a Blitz Bomma counts as having fired a weapon in it’s shooting phase if it attempts to drop a bomb. But with Aerial Assault why would this matter? Unless we’re going to see a rule regarding how Fast Skimmers or maybe vehicles in general fire their weapons. If one goes back to the ‘leaked rules’ they had vehicles able to fire certain amount of times a turn and Weapon Destroyed results lowering those amounts, and having Aerial Assault gave a vehicle 3 shots per turn, maybe the two are related? We’ll see in few weeks.

10 years ago

The Blitz Bomma sounds hilarious! I’d love to see that in action.

The one bad thing about the DzC buildings? They’re just this past week getting into the production line, so they won’t be available in the initial release. 🙁 However, by the end of 2012 for certain. =)

As to GW price increases… I call BS. They lost secondary armies that at least 3 or 4 of my friends intended to buy, for example (as in less money for them). Bad move, GW.

Keep up the Wargaming! 😀

10 years ago
Reply to  Reecius

I agree, the price increase is !@#$. DzC looks awesome, especially now that it doesn’t have the competition of building a Dark Eldar army, because of the price increases.

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