Raw Dogger’s Nurgle IG Army for Sale. (Sold)

The assembled force.

Raw Dogger has decided to sell his IG.

More pictures here.

Imperial Guard- Nurgle theme zombie army. Lead by zombie hitler. Over 2000pts –

Asking Price: $600.00 

1 x Vendettas

2 x chimeras used as hydras. (dont have turrets) (not finished painted)

1 x Manitocres

2 x Vets squads with 3 x Plasma Guns and a Las Cannon

1 x Vet squad with 3 x flamers Guns with a Las cannon

1 x Vet Squad with 2 x plasma guns

6 x Chimeras (1 x not finished painted)

1 x CCS with 3 x Melta Guns

9x Psyker Battle Squad models

1x Psyker Battle squad. nurgle warriors of chaos champion from fantasy

This is a full blow tournament list, ready to rock. It looks great with a lot of weathering and really awesome freehand. The Hydras aren’t painted exactly the same as the rest of the army and will require a little work to get them to the same standard, or you can have us finish them as we painted the army in the first place! Raw Dogger added the Hydras later on his own.

Raw Dogger has done really well with this army in competitive play, most recently going 3-1 at Adepticon, only losing to Yermon’s Grey Knights who made it to the final 4. Raw Dogger must have seen something he liked as decided to take his douche up to the next level and start playing Draigowing! haha, just kidding about the douche part, but he is playing Draigowing now.

At any rate, for the price, this is a great deal. It’s also a great looking army that plays just as well on the table top. Plus, it is lead by Zombie Hitler! Who doesn’t want to see him get smashed into a pulp on a regular basis?


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