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Eldar Rumors!

This comes to us via Dakka, who got it from Warseer. Boy am I excited for some new Eldar rumors! I would love to see there weaker troops buffed and for the Phoenix Lords to be more playable. Time will tell!


Original thread on Warseer

via Stickmonkey

I have some very early Eldar rumors. First let me start with a very clear disclaimer:


Ok, very small list, so on to what Im hearing:

Aspects all have a way to move to troops. However, some are limited to one unit only. The phoenix Lords are NOT this mechanism supposedly.

Guardians have a slight points reduction.

Tanks ( night spinner, fire prism, falcon) have a point reduction.

Transports are about the same cost.

Storm guardians are an upgrade of normal guardians.

Rumor those units requiring a guide (wraithguard , wraithlord) longer sit idle when out side range and rolling a 1. Instead they can make a move towards a warlock or other guide. Engaging these units in cc while they are outside their guides range will have penalties, treat as ws 1, i 1. However, guides will have “buffs” they can give. Reroll to hit, bonus save, etc. (To me this sounds suspiciously like changes to nids and the tervigon)

via Romanus (note:A little extra salt here)

heard that they have played with Wave serpents Energy Shields becoming weaker, in that they loose there negative effects against melta etc. Still these are playtesting rumors at this stage so subject to a huge variable of change.

From what I have heard and from other sources around the interwebs the first wave for Eldar would look like:

Flyer – Possibly with 2nd wave flyer release (supposedly related to the large vehicle chassis), I have also heard it is the Nightwing but this would contradict what GW has been saying lately that there wouldn’t be anymore direct ports from FW

New Plastic Jetbikes (seen Games Day 2010)

New Plastic Vyper

Larger Vehicle Chassis

Guardian Box incorporating Storm and Battle guardians???

Finecast characters

I know that Eldar are being worked on at the moment, but its mostly throwing around Ideas and seeing how they work. I’m not 100% sure on the design sequence that GW follows but this would seem pretty prelim to me. I know that this has been going on for around six months so far, with some pretty nifty ideas being tried. Thats all I’ll say on the matter though.

Redemption wrote:Some more information:

eldargal;6220278 wrote:I’ve been debating whether to post this or not, but I may as well. This is what I’ve heard is coming in terms of kits:

New Avatar sculpt

New Falcon variants

Entirely new vehicle

New jetbikes and vyper jetbike models

New character sculpts, new special character(s) and new SC sculpts

New versions of Aspect warriors, similar to current models but ‘more dynamic’

That is everything, no more details than that, source has been semi-reliable but I’ve not been able to corroborate this with any reliable rumourmongers as yet.

Stickmonkey;6220572 wrote:Eldargal,

I’ve hear there have been CAD sculpts seen in the past 6 months for all of the aspects AND wraithguard, just dont know if they will be finecast or get broke out to plastic kits yet.

My newest batch of rumors here is coming from playtest notes, which are notoriously unreliable this far out form codex release, but they do indicate the direction being thought.

Also a bit more on the wave serpent. Couple things have been tried on the shield, from 4+ invul on any penetrating hit, to something similar to the necron shield where the armor drops after its penetrated once. The rumors are all over the board there, but one thing is certain that mechanic is being looked at and will lkely work differently in the final codex.

As far as the phoenix lords go, they are rumored to provide a table wide buff to their aspect units while on the board. For instance Karandras is rumored to grant +1A or +1S to Scorpions.


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10 years ago

Awesomesauce. Thanks for the positive rumor mongering!

10 years ago

I certainly hope the rumors of new sculpts are true.

The current Avatar model is an over priced attrocity. Luckily, it makes the forgeworld avatar look like such a great bargain.

Plastic Wraithguard will be scary though. Price and availability are the big thing disuading the wraithwall builds, but speaking as a man who’s girlfriend plays it, T6 with rerollable 3+/5+ cover carrying deathguns is not fun.

10 years ago

Positive rumors for once… Yay! 😀

Does anybody know who’s writing it?

10 years ago
Reply to  Reecius

That would be awesome! If it’s not though, AT LEAST hope it’s not Mat Ward.. 😛 That would lead to ruin.

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