40K Video Battle Report: Tau (Will) Vs. Dark Eldar (Frankie) 1500pts Golden Throne Practice

We’ve been too busy to do one of these for some time now, but after a little break, here we have Frankie taking out his Dark Eldar vs. Will playing a Broadside Tau list he wanted to try.

The Tau army in the video is still for sale for anyone who’s interested. It is very large, and painted to a high standard. See here for more info: https://www.frontlinegaming.org/2012/04/29/beautiful-tau-army-for-sale/


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Elios Harg
Elios Harg
10 years ago

I don’t believe they were running the correct scenarios for Golden Throne. All 3 book missions are in play, but as a sequence of tie-breakers. So for example, your primary mission would be Seize Ground, if that is a draw, then you move to the secondary mission, say C&C, if that is a tie then you move to Kill points. If you win the primary objective, then the others don’t matter.

10 years ago
Reply to  Elios Harg

Yeah you are right we were playing the missions wrong. You caught on to our genius plan where we would do a bunch of battle reports with the wrong mission to through off our competition haha. Thank you for making that clear though that would have been rough to realize that at the tourney this weekend.

10 years ago

The victory conditions are used as a series of tiebreakers, as Elios has mentioned. Here’s the official text from the Golden Throne website:

“Each game features Primary, Secondary and Tertiary victory conditions. If one player achieves the Primary victory condition, that player wins the game. In the event of a tie on the Primary victory condition, the Secondary goal becomes the decision-maker, and when that’s a tie as well we move to the Tertiary objective.”

We’re looking forward to seeing you guys this weekend at A Hero’s Stand!

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