New 40K Chaos and Flyer Rumors via BoLS Google+ page (Updated with Pictures from BoW)

Ork Flyer, makes 3 kits

Doom Scythe/Night Scythe


SM Flyer, meant to be smaller than a Stormraven

These look promising!

I really like the news of the Ork Flyer, and the Stormtalon.

Ahirman giving D3 units infiltrate? Hopefully it isn’t done after deployment like Possessed do, now! haha


New June 2nd flyers are said to be:

Space Marine Stormtalon

Necron Doom Scythe

Necron Night Scythe

Ork Biltza Bommer/Dakkajet/Burna Bommer

  • Here’s the latest Warhammer 40,000 rumor nugget for you Google+ 1%ers…

Ahriman is said to give D3 units Infiltrate in the new Chaos Marine codex (in addition to being a Mastery Level 4 Psyker.

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Son Of Dorn
10 years ago

Sounds slick. My fists have been needing some air support for a while now. 🙂

Son Of Dorn
10 years ago

Man. This could make a drop pod army nasty again. Throwing 3 of these down with the first wave of pods to chew up the enemy. Or even throwing them down with reserve pods as mid game fire support. I like it! 😀

10 years ago
Reply to  Son Of Dorn

I agree! I really like these waves of miniatures to shake things up and change the way the game is played. Plus, those miniatures look awesome!

Son Of Dorn
10 years ago
Reply to  Reecius

Gives us something to do until sixth, too. Can’t wait to see the new flier rules and how they’ll work within the game. 🙂

Paul Cornelius
Paul Cornelius
10 years ago

More evidence (to me) that there will be no sixth edition this year.

8 years ago

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