Forgeworld Open Day Rumors, News and Pics

Forgeworld is on fire these days! Check out the new stuff.

Predator with conversion beamer and Plasma turret weapon.

For more pictures, follow this thread:

Thanks to Kroothawk from Dakka for compiling this information.

Summary 40k

– New Mk IV Assault Space Marines

– New Tartaros Pattern character cc weapon upgrade pack

– 2 new SM Apothecarius models

– new Land Raider Spartan

– new Imperial flyer

– new Storm Eagle (based on Storm Raven, available in 6-8 weeks, 80 £)

– fun Space Shark and Khorne Flake models for display only

– Race specific RoB sections for 40k, also Cityfight terrain sections, maybe trenches, maybe sections liking them to the Zone Mortalis boards (whichalso get new ones)

– no Elysians or other IG troops in the near future

– IA12 is Minotaur SM Vs Necrons. Focus is on sectorwide conflict rather than specific system/planet. Includes for necrons dragonfly swarms, some superheavies, Cryptec/Overlord upgrade/conversion sprue with heads, no new troops.

– IA13 most likely the delayed Tzeentch/penal colony stuff

– next 3 or 4 IA story lines well developed

– Dark Eldar storyline needs rework because too grimdark even for 40k  Simon Egan and Will Hayes would love to do DE models

– still plans for Adeptus Mechanicus in next 2-3 books, including Knights.

– more Modelling Masterclass volumes

Summary Fantasy

– new Colossal Squig from Monstrous Arcanum

– new Preyton from Monstrous Arcanum

– new Chaos Dwarf K’daai Fireborn from Tamurkhan book.

– Chaos Dwarf Bull Centaurs finished and K’daai Destroyer in the works.

– next book will be “Battle for the Fire Pass” campaign book, featuring Empire and Dwarfs vs Orcs and Goblins. May include Dwarf Zeppelin.

– Race specific RoB sections for Fantasy

Open Day has just begun. First impressions by people over at Warseer:

Kilgore wrote:Mark 4 assault squads, older mk apothecarys, new imperial flyer, tartaros character upgrade kits, new city fight boards, forgeworld have outdone themselves!


philbrad2 wrote:Right spotted….

Stromeagle Indeed a resin plastic hybrid

Mk iv assault troops

New CC termis upgrades hammers and claws

New termi combi/heavy weapons

New apothecarys – these are absolutely gorgeous

New IG ‘A10’ attack flyer

Land Raider Spartan


Its a whole kit and included plastic Storm Raven. Fuselage top, ramp, cockpit and outer wing panels are SR sourced. Engines use resin centres (with inner wings) and plastic SR intakes and exhausts. Rules (from memory) Armour 12/12/12 (yes 12 rear) 20 troop capacity, weaponry quite similar to SR for nose, TL lascannos on wings, hellstrike missles, missile launcher pods were I think 2 S5 AP5 large blast.


kragnorak wrote:Hi had a 5 minute chat with EDGAR SKOMOROWSKI, who sculpted most of the chaos dwarf range. He said that he has just finished making the new Chaos Dwarf Bull Centaurs and that the K’daai Destroyer is being sculpted as we speak.

Once he had finished them he was moving onto the new “Battle for the Fire Pass” campaign book.


SotonShades from BoLS wrote:The Warlock Titan. Sorry eldargirl, but they won’t be upgrading your beloved Phantom until the next time they do a major Eldar book (I’ll explain when that is likely to be in a bit).

You want terrain kits? Blake Spence is working on them. He’s the gentleman you can thank for the Zone Mortalis boards. Mostly going to be working on Realm of Battle Boards and more expansions for ZM, but other stand alone pieces are planned. Race specific RoB sections are planned, for most armies in 40k AND Fantasy! Could be a while before we see them though. This will include proper Cityfight terrain, possibly trenches in the future and linking pieces between RoB sections and ZM modules, such as stairs/subway entrances.

SotonShades, sorry for this very late question but did you hear anything about new stuffs for Elysian IG?

Yep. I’m afraid there are no plans to revisit them at the moment, or any other IG regiments or previously pulished lists. There are a few kits from previous books in the pipeline, most notably Bran Redmaw, but for the most part what is out is out. Apart from whomeveer gets in to IA12. Speaking of which;

IA12 is Minotaur Space Marines Vs Necrons. Focus is on sectorwide conflict rather than specific system/planet, so will incorporate IG and probably other races as well. Looking at a facet of Imperial war we haven’t really seen before.

To go with the book expect a BIG expansion of FW’s Necron range. I have seen Minotaur shoulder pads. Simon Eagen wants to work on helmets, torsos and backpack bits as well (in fact that is where the 2 Minotaur characteers came from).

Speaking of conversion bits, new style Terminators WILL be getting full set of weapon options, possibly including some more esoteric ideas (graviton gun perhaps?) and Assault Terminator options. Assault Termies were on display in Will Hayes’s Case.

There are also stirings within the studio for doing Chapter specific Contermptors, similar to their current range of Dreadnoughts. Nothing officially started yet, but it is something various designers said they wanted to work on.

Similar story for Iron Hands but less so. As for Mk VIII armour, the Errent pattern… No real interest I’m afraid. Maybe if their is enough demand for it, but designers are doubtful it would be different enough from the plastic kits to be worth doing.

During the Q&A session, a question was raised regarding some SM chapters getting certain equipment and other not (such as the Thunderfire Cannon). Chaos Marines were also mentioned. Basicly, GW & FW want to keep some disparity between the MEQ lists based on the way they are supposed to play, so not all equipment will go to everyone. This includes chaos not getting a Caestus Assault Ram.

Minotaurs will probably appear in several unlinked books, with an overal unfolding mystery about them. The Tzeentch/penal colony stuff will most likely be IA13 now (possibly with a Fantasy Book inbetween) and will most likely cover a Tzeenchian Cult across several legions and renegade space mainres.

No plans for any further Enforcers/Arbities rekeases. In fact, a point was made that if you see it as a show only model, it is probably because they don’t feel it would work as an army. Same goes for Primarch models, but for a slightly different reason.

No plans to release any more models for Badab characters, whichwas why such detailed descriptions were given, to give you chance to convert them.

Next fantasy book is most likely going to be a campaign between Orcs and Goblins and the Emprire; the Third Battle for Blackfire Pass.

There are fairly well developed ideas for the next 3 or 4 IA story lines. In fact the DE one is having to be rewritten because it is currently too Grim-Dark and bleak for 40k!

Speaking of which, Adeptus Mechanicus MAY appear in the next 2-3 books. Not certain, and probably more as part of a faction than as a force in their own right. They really want to do Knight Titans, but will be a while away yet.

Several people asked about a bulk land pod for the Thunderhawk Transporter. Again, it’s another case of “something we’d like to do, but have no plans or concepts for it yet.

For those of you who aren’t so pleased with the WD SoB codex… well, FW haven’t got that on their radar yet, but really want to do a War of Faith style IA book, with Sister and lots of screaming fanatics. Earliest would be several years down the pipeline though.

Some points were raised about Blakc Library and FW cross-overs. Basic reply was that they love to draw inspiration from each other, but neither party wants to do any tie-ins because it screws with their creative freedom. Specifically, can you imagine how a BL author would feel if one of his favourite characters to write had a bullet put in the back of his head by a FW writer?


Hopefully they will be putting a new one out every year or year and a half. Most likely the next one will be a Fantasy release. That said, it was doubtful they would be releasing and more hobby supplies such as their weathering powders any time soon.

Despite the release of so many older marks of armour and relic style vehicles/weaspon, FW will not be doing any pre/heresy stuff any time soon. To do a book would essentially mean SM vs SM, and would be such a big project it would be very very difficult to manage around doing other releases. They also don’t feel it would work too well along the lines of the game set in the 41st millenium, so wouldnt work with/against 41st millennium codicies. Afterall, the great crusade was humanity expanding across the whole galaxy in a few hundred years, wipining out all but a handful of sentient xenos races.

FW also apologised for dropping a lot of their older scenery kits recently, particularly the old trench system. Basically comes down to not being able to constantly stock enough, with terrain beaing some of the worst selling stuff and too expensive to manufacture for what they can reasonably expect to sell it at. The old foam bits were also too damagable. Hopefully the new hollow terrain casting methods will mean they can stock and create a much greater variety (as I’ve already mentioned.)

FW want to convert more of the deamon engines and superheavies from epic in to 40k sclae. however, simply blowing up the old models is not a realistic option, so they would need to be completely redesigned, probably keeping little more than the original name. they also pointed out that scale ratios in epic do not work in 40k. mostly, especially on tall models such as titans, they are too short! And the taller the model, the worse this difference is (so my warlord at 40+ inches isnt too far off what they should be)

The FW design team want to keep IG using tracked vehicles, grinding forwards, rather than wheels like trrop trucks or bikes. Don’t expect to see too many exceptions like the tauros for the elysians. They will only do it where it makes sense for a regiemtn in their books.

FW won’t be doing any Fellblades for the Space Marines. They dont feel it fits with 40k since the reorganisation of the Legions to chapters. There was however talk of doing weapons packs, such as 10 combi-meltas for example only, that would be popular. Similar to the Chapterhouse kits. No firm confirmation on this though.

As they’ve pointed out before, FW have very few links with the main design studio, so theyk now nothing of 6th Ed and how their stuff will integrate. As far as FW are concerned, anything stamped with the 40k approved logo is balanced enough for regular games, but always ask your opponant (no reason to say no, but…) They haven’t even had a chance to get a hold of the new paints yet (so I had to tell Phil what they were like!) Similarly, there is no connection between the FW Demigryphs and the new empirs plastics as far as the FW team are aware.

FW are happy with the rate at which they put out books. They want to cover all the race before they cover any again (though expect Imperials to be in all books, quite possibly mostly Minotaurs for the next few), so we are now expecting Necrons in IA12, Tzeentch later (prob IA13) then DE and Slaanesh before anyone else gets re-done. Necrons are in very early concept phase, so will be a while before we get out hand on them, but there are all ready plans afoot for a BIG kit for Orks when they come round again. They will almost certainly get either a Bomma or a Gargant. Quite possibly both.


VaUgHaNy86 from Dakka wrote:I was talking to a couple of the design team today with regards to the Necrons, apparently they are currently working on some small constructs atm which are referenced as dragonfly like with segmented bodies, 4-5 to a base, with regards to ia 12 they are planning on releasing a titan like model undecided on war machine or construct, something to tie in with tomb stalker but spyder sized, possible upgrade sprues for crypteks/ overlords including possible alternate heads with different styles of death mask, the ia12 will be an entirely new dynasty with very different fluff and a couple named characters possible c’tan shard and they are planning on doing something between tomb stalker/ titan size, possibly a flyer, no plans on doing anything with regards to troops or anything like that, only characters as troops and infantry they believe there is no need to do anything with


Lovepug13 from Dakka wrote:Other items from Q&A….

Warlord Titan will be a go…..Late 2013 is the earliest you will see this.

Likewise….Gargant will be a go when Orks get another book….whenever that is.

For IA12 they want to focus on the bigger things for Necrons, a superheavy or superheavys could be on table

The prison planet “morros incident?” still going to be going ahead…..just not yet.

Zone Mortalis board to stay at Warhammer world for usage in main gaming hall….

Tzentch and Slanesh to get some love at some point in future in 40k

Thats all I can remember…had a great day, even got a Grot Mega tank lol 🙂


Dysartes from Dakka wrote:One thing I forgot to mention – Modelling Masterclass Volume Two uses the old/current paint range, not the new one.


I spoke to one of the sculptors, who commented the Blackfire Pass would have Empire, Dwarf and Orc & Goblin stuff in it – a relief for me, given the lack of obvious Dwarf content in Monstrous Arcana.

When I flicked through the art pamphlet with the Blackfire Pass cover, one piece of art that stuck out was a Dwarf Zeppelin. There was also a range of empire art, and a couple of O&G pieces.

One of the digital artists was working on a Night Goblin Fanatic piece, and I think the other was working on a River Troll.

The FW (as opposed to Warhammer Forge) digital artists were working on a technical drawing of a Deimos-chassis Rhino (I think – certainly that chassis, but I didn’t see a plate over the top hatch), and there was a SM and Contemptor being coloured in Minotaur colours, presumably for IA 12.


Slaaaaaanesh from Warseer wrote:

Very nice stuff all around. Did anyone happen to catch the actual release date for the Stormeagle kit?

I overheard 6-8 weeks from the designer.

Could someone please tell us, how many parts have one of the new terminator models? Are the heads single pieces?

The kit is two sprues, one with torso and legs seperated, and the other with the following seperate parts, right arm, storm bolter, left arm power fist, head, and even the shoulder pads are in two pieces that slot over each other to give the layered armour look. Ooh and a saw bit to turn the powerfist into a chainfist.

Regarding the Storm Eagle, I don’t know about a conversion kit but they give you enough of the storm raven kit to make it, but not a complet storm raven plus the forgeworld parts.


Sorrowshard from The Dark City wrote:Hello Ladies,

Back from my fact finding mission at WH world today, it was a bit of a marine fest really, very little indeed to report on anything solid.

However I do have a couple of things for you.

DE wont be in the next IA as thats already set, possibly the one after or the one after that, Alan did say he had done some stuff towards it already.

I said we would all very much like a t hawk sized ish or bigger galleon/barge pirate ship thingy to fill our ‘titan’ slot, he said that was one thing they would probably look at and that also (he seemed quite keen on this idea) an extra large talos-like Heamo construct. Sounds pretty ace to me, but as I feel it is important that we have some nice big toys but I think we need something kabalite first an foremost, hell they could do a variant on the barge for Coven too (slave cages, autopsies etc)

I also explained that the Tantalus is utter garbage, Alan was surprised he said (and I quote) “well it was carving things up in test games” I said I don’t see how thats possible unless ther testers can roll 5’s on demand ? I also explained the the douche canoe does it better and is significantly smaller and does not mount “pulse dissonance projectors” and blades.

He kinda muttered something about looking at it so I guess its possible it could see a review for the eventual IA DE book, two things folks, FW will need your feedback if it is to improve and not just “it’s gash make it better” I personally will be sending an email explaining the problems with it and offering solutions with explanations, I’ll prob do up another data sheet, last time I snet them one of these and an email things DID get changed, some of my ideas made it into print on the phantom so things can be changed and fed back on , at least where FW is concerned.

Also I noticed today the ‘original’ Tantalus had two Dark lance mounts which we never got in the end, is not like dark lances are the b0rk3n, wonder why ?

Ok so this next bit is pretty big.

Will (Phantom Titan) Hayes was completely down with the idea of a DE super heavy barge/ship, he even told me about some of his ideas for it , he was very enthusiastic, in fact apparently he had made a start on it, but no one could agree on how it should be and became a bit of a committee / too many Chefs affair and he has put it aside currently with no plans to pick it up at any point, he said it was too big a project to realistically do in his own time, so he/FW could really do with a shove to get it on the boil again as it is technically ‘dropped’ at the moment,

They should just let Will/Jes get on with it , there is literally no way it could go wrong with them on it.

Talima suggested hitting up the FB page and seeing what the response was like, I think we should defo do that and also I think an open letter from the Dark city to Will/FW would maybe help get the project of life support, remember just because Alan does rules does not guarantee we will see model for it any time in the next ten years….

I’m happy to deal with the letter, I’ll have a word with sky about getting a poll up so we can essentially collate the opinion of the entire DE community here into one easy to ingest result, Ill forward that along with the open letter.

Lastly and it’s a pretty loose rumor really, but Simon Egan seemed fairly enthusiastic when I asked if he would be doing DE models anytime soon, there are no plans but I think he would really like to, if the Shadow Spectres are anything to go by I think any DE he does end up doing will be fething marvelous.


In the meantime expect to be spammed to death with marines marines and just for a change more marines…..

++Transmission Ends++


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