40K Modeling: We’ve Gone Resin Crazy!

Tomb Stalker on a custom basem built by Keno.

Here at Frontline, we love Resin kits and we’ve been going a little crazy lately with bigger, cooler models to make our games more exciting. Here are some shots of works in progress.

Both Tomb Stalkers completed for our client, with custom cut bases.


Storm Raven with Chapterhouse Conversion kit.

Big T’s Minotaurs army is HUGE! With Achilles, Caestus, and a host of other Land Raiders, Tanks, Infantry and all sorts of goodies, this Baddab War inspired force will come out to 9,000pts when done.

Big T's Land Raider Achilles for his Minotaurs


Side Shot

Big T's awesome Minotaur Conversions

Little T just started a Red Scorpions army, and is building it out to a preheresy standard. He’s just getting going but with a combination of Scibor and Foregworld Kits, it is sure to be an awesome force when done.

Little T's Red Scorpions: Lloth and Honor Guard

The entire squad.

As soon as Frankie saw the Tantalus, he knew he needed one for Vect to gather slaves! This kit is amazing, and it will play well on the table top. Can’t wait to see it painted!

Frankie's Tantalus

Side Shot

Reece is a sucker for cool character models and so he picked up a few standouts from Forgeworld and Scibor. His favorite is the Scibor Chaos Lord, who looks like an old bad ass, ready for business.

Reece's Cpt. Korvydae

Reece's Tyberos the Red Wake

Reece's Lord Zhufor

Reece's Scibor Chaos Lord

We sell Scibor Miniatures here at Frontline Gaming for 10% off too, so if you want to grab any, let us know and we’re happy to help! We’ll keep updating you all as we get some more units painted and put together. We’ve got a Warhound Titan inbound we’re building for a client, so that will be a lot of fun.




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