40K Editorial: Big Bird and Friends: Fatecrusher Daemons

Big Bird and Friends, back for another round!

This week, Will rounds out his Fatecrusher List and what part they play in the list.

Plague bearers

Strengths- Cheap troop unit, T5 base, feel no pain, poison weapons, fearless, can take icon and instrument upgrades.

Weaknesses- No armour saves, slow and purposeful, low WS, I, A’s.

Overall- Good, cheap, resilient troop unit that can be taken in small units and still be counted upon to hold objectives. Will hold their own in assault against most units. What else can you ask of for a troop unit?

Synergy- Like I said: a cheap, resilient troop unit. A few small units of these little booger eaters will win you the game in objective missions.



Strengths- These guys are much like the Fiends. They move like beast, have 4 rending attacks base, I6, and come with both defensive and offensive grenades. Can take large units.

Weaknesses- No armour saves, T3, WS4. They can go down pretty easily to flak fire.

Overall- Another good, fast, hard hitting unit, lots of rending attacks with high I. Packed together with both types of grenades these guys can assaul tunits in cover that Fiends might have trouble with.

Synergy- Seekers along with the fiends add a lot of fast mobility to the army, which is needed in as infantry based build. With the ability to take large numbers, they’re good at tieing up units I don’t want to deal with such as dreads, MC’s and small elite units. Also good at taking out light transports with the number of rending attacks they pack.


And that’s my list. Tune in next week for deployment tips and other cool tricks I’ve learned. Also, my game plan and post game thoughts on Grey Knight match ups in tournament play.


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