40K Editorial: Big Bird and Friends Part 3: Fatecrusher Daemons

Big Bird and Friends, back for another round!

Will’s back again with Daemon tactics for his gorgeous Fatecrusher Daemons

This week he’ll talk about what the Elites section of the book brings to the table!

Part 3

Back again, for the next couple of unit break downs. This week I’ll talk about my Elite slots.

Blood Crushers

Strengths-  They all have power weapons, can abuse wound allocation with 2 wound models. They also have eternal warrior, 3+/5++ armour saves, T5 base, WS 5,  S5, and last but not least, Furious charge. Overall beasts. There are very, very few things in the game that can take a charge from this unit.

Weaknesses- Crushers move like infantry, which just so happens to be their only real problem. Smart players can evade them and whither them down. They also don’t have grenades, but then again not many units in the Daemon codex have them. Also, be careful not to let these guys get tar-pitted on a Dreadnought. Even with one model with rending, they can still be taken out of the game with a Dread that costs a lot less than they do.

Overall- Again with Fateweavers re-rolls, these guys become a pretty balls out unit. They’re very resilient unit that can take on damn near anything in assault and come out on top.

Synergy- These guys are the core to my list. They are the hammer and fateweaver is the anvil. Together the Fatecrusher build gets its name becoming the monster it is on the table top.



Strengths- Move as beast, 5 attacks base, rending, I5, 2W, S5 (with the ability to upgrade one to S6), and hit and run. Speed and hitting power, plus with 2 wounds, they are fairly resilient.

Weaknesses- No armour save, just the 5 plus Invul., T4, WS4, no grenades.

Overall- Good fast unit, lots of rending attack, high Initiative. These guys excel at deep striking at a safe distance, and then moving in to tie units up in assault. They also are great for rending vehicles to death.

Synergy- Fiends give me a lot of mobility which is needed to make my build an all comer, balanced list. They’re also good at taking out dreadnaughts (which my Curshers hate), MCs, vehicles, and small elite units. Hit and run allows me to get them out of combat if they start getting their ass beat. I tried running 3 units of Crushers, but found that the list was just too slow. I feel that Fiends add a much needed speed boost to the army.


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2 Responses to “40K Editorial: Big Bird and Friends Part 3: Fatecrusher Daemons”

  1. Ben December 22, 2011 7:13 am #

    Glad to see the new write up. Do you ever find yourself pinning the opponent between 2 groups of Bc’s dropping one in front and one behind so make for a tough escape since either way they try to run they will get caught. I guess the flaw to that is not have fateweaver in range for rerolls.

  2. Will December 23, 2011 10:35 am #

    I have in a couple games, it really comes down to how much low ap weapons they got. If I think they can live thru a turn without fateweaver then I will. Throws my opponent in a situation they dont want to be in haha.

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