We Came Across Some Great Old Games!

We came across some olden but golden games through a customer yesterday and wanted to get the word out for anyone who might be looking for them!

Sorry no trades, only walk in cash or paypal. Please throw in your offers.

Warhammer Quest

This Warhammer Quest is in damn near mint condition. We were told it was never played. A lot of the models are still on sprue. Nothing is missing, or broken. All pieces are in near mint condition. The box is in pretty good condition, there is a minor inch wide rip on the upper left hand side.

Space Hulk 2nd ED

This box set has been played. Everything is in very good shape, nothing is missing. The box is not in very good condition.

Space Crusade 

This box is in mint condition, never been opened. Still has the plastic wrap over it.


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