40K Forgeworld: Rapier Laser Destroyer, Contemptor Auto-Cannon Arms and Minotaur Shoulder Pads

Blast from the past!

Forgeworld continues to dig into the depths of 40K lore with these new, awesome additions to their line up.

I am just loving these new, old kits. I had a Rapier Laser Destoyer as a kid, and loved the model. To see it back warms my grizzled old heart. The rules for this beastie look great, too! Strength 9, ap1 Ordnance, twin linked. That gives it about a 50/50 chance of hitting, and it rolls 2 dice take the highest for armor pen, with a +1 on the damage chart. That is really, really good for a 40pt model! A squadron of 3 of these will make short work of any armor on the field.

Ready for business.

The Conetmptor Auto-Cannon arms will look awesome on an already awesome looking model, and they will probably be seen on a lot of Pysfilmen Dreads….as if the game needed any more of those!

Minotaur shoulder pads.

Minotaur Terminator Shoulder Pads


Lastly, those Minotaur Should Pads are great, too. I love that chapter’s look and background, and judging by the amount of stuff Forgeworld is putting out for the, I’m not the only one. Now if they will just make some Spartan style space marine heads, spears and shields!

For more info and pics, check out Forgeworld’s site.


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