Forgeworld: Land Raider Armored Proteus

Your Grand Pappy's Land Raider!

Forgeworld launches an assault on our wallets!

Another beautiful kit from Forgeworld.  These old school models kits just keep reinforcing the rumors of a Warhammer 30K module that will come with all of the Primarchs and allow us to play out the Heresey. And why in the hell have they not brought this out sooner? The seminal moment in the 40K mythos was the Heresy and playing out those battles with the real stars of the show would be absolutely fantastic!

In the meantime, we can keep modeling up our heresy era forces. I know I have more than a few of the older Mark power armor sets, and they a beautiful.

Old school, cool!

I for one hope we continue to see these kits and that we eventually do get a Warhammer 30,000 supplement, as that would just be a blast to play out.

What do you all think? Would you like to have the chance to play using the Emperor, Horus and all the Primarchs?


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