40K Tactics: Fatecrusher Daemons: Big Bird and Friends!

Big Bird and friends!

This article is part one of a small series on Will’s 40K Daemons Fatecrusher build, list, Tactics, and hard match-ups.

Fatecrusher  Daemons, for those of you who don’t know what exactly that is, is a Chaos Daemon army revolving around the great Fateweaver (Or Big bird as I like to call him). Along with around 2 to 3 units of Blood Crushers.  The rest of the list is comprised around units that do what crushers can’t do: basically filling missing gaps and rolls that are needed in the list to make it work. Here is a link to my army for those who are interested.

Now, a lot of people hate on Big Bird because of his point cost and one small, yet glaring problem he has. After every unsaved wound he must pass a leadership or else he runs away and leaves the game.  It’s not likely to happen, but I have to admit it has happened to me.  But for what Fateweaver brings to the table he is worth every point. He is a force multiplier and a much needed one for the Daemon codex. Fateweaver allows every unit within 6inchs to re-roll every unsaved armor, invulnerable or cover save.  The daemon codex is known for its resiliency, every unit has a invulnerable save and is fearless with Eternal Warrior. With the addition of Fateweaver, this becomes multiplied with the right units such as Blood Crushers which become extremely durable.

Fatecrusher  is  a small elite force that is resilient as hell, and very devastating in the right hands. There are very few units in the game that can withstand a Blood Crusher assault. However, unfortunately, the list has a number of hard match-ups  in competitive play. The number one counter being Grey Knights (for obvious reasons).  After that, come fast mobile armies such as Mechdar,  Space Marine bike armies (especially with Null Zone), Dark Elder Raider/Venom spam, IG with psyker battle squads and dice. Now, I’m not saying it’s impossible to beat these types of lists but it’s a uphill battle, which comes down to the mission at hand.  Some of these list don’t actually have to beat-stick my list down in a straight up fight.  All they have to do is stay away and evaded my list for as long as possible and seize/contest objectives on the last turn to win.

My current Tournament build for the past year and a half or so has under gone some minor tweaks here and there. Adding to the list what was needed with the change of the meta, as new codex’s came out. I’ve added a second Space Chicken to the list to make it as annoyingly hard to kill as possible!

My list,



Lord of Change-

-Boon of Mutation





















Next week, I’ll have a unit by unit break down and what they all bring to the list together.

What do you guys think about Fatecrusher? Have Grey Knights eclipsed their sun? Do they still have a fighting chance in a tournament?


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  1. Avatar
    Mike December 5, 2011 4:19 pm #

    Ha I remember my first game against fate weaver. First wound fail.
    You still beat me though .

    • Avatar
      Will December 6, 2011 9:40 am #

      Ya I remember that game very well haha. Big bird was afraid of your seer console and decided too run back to the warp 🙁

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