Warriors of Chaos vs High Elves – 2400 pts – Warhammer Fantasy ETC Battle Report

Nick has finalized his list for the Canhammer Team Tournament… is it enough to get revenge against Logan’s Warriors of Chaos after two huge losses in a row? Check out the Tactics Corner for more great video bat reps!

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Daily Awesome Conversion

      Behold The Captain of the 1st company Crimson fists chapter. This is 150mm full scratchbuild that was made by serpentarium, a quartet of Russian Miniature Painters (Ookami, Ravenswood, Ringil andRiver.) Crafted and painted over of three years. The model was made from styrene plastic, milliput, mix of green stuff & magic sculpt and Fimo. Painted […]

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Warhammer 40k Short Form Video Bat Rep #269 Chaos vs White Scars

Frankie and Cooper battle it out, Chaos with a Brass Scorpion vs. White Scars! Check out the Tactics Corner for more video bat reps!

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Ahh Tweak It, Tweak It Real Good!

Intro The tournament season can be an adventurous one, full of ups and downs. For those uninitiated to a tournament season, it can be a downer for sure. I know for me, at the beginning of the ITC season, I didn’t do too well. It took some time, practice, help from others, and a good […]

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Warhammer 40k Video Full Length Bat Rep #2 Chaos vs. Dark Eldar

This is our second stream check us out on Twitch: FrontlineGaming_TV every Tuesday and Thursday 7:00p.m. PST. As always check out the Tactics Corner for more great video bat reps!

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Signals from the Frontline: Warhammer 40k and General Gaming News, Rumors, Tactics and Comedy!

Show Notes 4-17-2015 Intro Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube!  Join our Forums, too! If you would like to be a guest on the show, email Reece at We sell tabletop games and supplies at 20% off! Hit us up for your next gaming order at or visit our webstore at […]

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Eldar Pre-Order Special is a go! Save up to 25% off your entire order!

We have a new Pre-Order Special! The Eldar are back! Get your orders in today, and save 25% off of retail!

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Dropzone Commander: Novus on PHR Tactics

Novus from Green Stuff Industries brings us some great DzC PHR tactics!

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Star Wars: Armada hands on

I’ve been a big fleet game fan for as long as I can remember. However they tend to vary between overly simplistic rulesets, and “I can’t believe this isn’t spreadsheet manager 2015″. When Battlefleet Gothic (BFG) launched, I felt like it really bottled lightning, in terms of trading off complexity and ease of play. The ruleset […]

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Daily Awesome Conversion

The way a Lord of Skulls Should of been, this fantastic piece work by Arklight, called Khorne Knight Titan. This is what he says about it: “Based on the FW Knight I’ve added lord of skulls head, half of the right arm, skull thigh plates, shoulder pads and the front torso armor. I’ve used a […]

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