Signals from the Frontline Episode #368

Join us for the live show at 11:00am, PST by clicking this link!

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Join the Fun! LVO 2016 Registration Opens, Today!

Hey everyone, Reecius here to talk about my favorite aspect of tabletop gaming–community–and why you should jump in on the action! The Las Vegas Open is a great way to take your hobby experience to the next level. Oh, and check out the sweet video, too!

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Thursday Night Fight: White Scars vs White Scars 7PM PST

Tonight the White Scars are working out there differences. Dan Dan Super man vs. Frankie the worlds greatest lets see who comes out on top. Make sure to tune in to Twitch 7pm PST Dan’s List: HQ Korsarro Khan Moondrakken 1 Commander Bike, Power Fist, artificer armor, Auspex, Shield Eternal 1 Elite Command Squad Bikes, Grav Gunx […]

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Thoughts from a Terrible 40k Gamer – The Centstar

Hello all! Rawdogger here to talk about the best way to go about losing with a winning army list.   This past weekend I was fortunate enough to have timed my once a year visit to my parents in Southern California with a cool team style tournament put on at Game Empire in San Diego where […]

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Full Length Battle Report #31 Dark Eldar/Eldar vs. Airborne Imperium!

Get ready for a fun one guys! Exhausted Reece vs. the untouchable Frankie. As always, check out the Tactics Corner for more great video bat reps!

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Las Vegas Open 2016 Promotional Video!

It’s almost go time, folks! Tickets go up for sale on the 28th! Check out this cool video to get an idea of what to expect.

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MMW: Episode 22 Collodi vs. Yan Lo

Old men and puppets do not mix apparently.

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Duplicate Formations: Anything to Fear?

Double Formations: are they really something to fear?

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Tuesday Night Fight! Dark Eldar/Eldar vs. Airborne Imperium!

We’ve got a fun battle for you, tonight! Reecius is trying out a crazy list he’s been toying with of an Airborne, mixed force Imperial Army vs. Frankie’s old trusty Dark Eldar! Tune in to our Twitch Channel at 7:00pm PST tonight to join in on the fun by following this link!

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8 Hours Left!

Hey everyone, only 8 hours left to get the first Frontline Gaming Swag. Don’t miss out! Follow the link:

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