Daily Awesome Conversion

This collection of minis are from the servants of House Tzeryll, a family of Rouge Traders, known to do dealings with radical Inquisitors, but inviting the powers of Chaos into their house is a small price to pay for unfettered access to the warp and its trade routes. Love the conversion, love the minis and […]

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LVO 40k Championships Day 3 Live Blog

The 40k Championships Top 8 has been revealed! Who will win the ITC championship? Who will win the LVO? Who is Brad Chester? Get in here and find out with my live coverage of day 3. Warmahordes coverage at the bottom. (more…)

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Daily Awesome Conversion

Behold Logar, Primarch of the XVII legion. This awesome paint job has been created by Bohun, I love the detail in this, and the dark presents that Logar has. Its a great Mini!

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25% off Pre-Order Special! Space Wolves and Chaos Daemons

Phone orders and customer service: 1-888-781-5120 We are currently in Las Vegas and will not be able to take phone orders. Please email us @ and we will respond as soon as we are able to. This week: 25% off pre-order special on the new Space Wolves and Chaos Daemons! Games Workshop product up to […]

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LVO Day 2 Live Coverage

Happy Saturday everyone and welcome to day 2 of the 2016 Las Vegas Open. Petey Pab here with all your 40k Championship news coverage needs.  (more…)

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Interview with Privateer Press and reporter Greg for Las Vegas Open

  Talking to Will Hungerford, Organized Play Developer at Privateer Press and to JR Godwin, Marketing Manager of Privateer Press   I had a chance to sit down with Will and JR on day 1 of LVO and asked them a few questions.   LVO:  Hi and thanks for taking time out today to speak […]

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Daily Awesome Conversion

The mighty Lynx, an incredible freehand paint job, created by Dimitris Malisovas, amazing job!

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Wolf Banner

Las Vegas Open 2016 Day 1 Blog

Hello everyone! Petey Pab here bringing you all your mustache media desires in the LVO’s first ever live blog! (more…)

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Daily Awesome Conversion

I had to share this with you, This amazing Warlord is a amazing Piece! I am not sure of the artist behind this incredible not-so-mini (but I like your Mat) My Hat off to you, its Awesome!

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40k LVO Championships Primer

Hey guys Petey Pab here! Welcome to the first of many posts covering the 40k LVO championship. (more…)

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