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Friday Night Fight: Eldar vs. Space Wolves

Our Twitch Subscribers voted last night for tonight’s game to feature Eldar (specifically a Wraith construct army) vs. Space Wolves. Tune in tonight at 5pm PST at our Twitch channel to join the fun! (more…)

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The Top-10 Most-Improved Aeldari Units are…

Zyekian here, taking a look at the jolt the Ynnari rules sent through all three space elf ‘dexes.  The Strength from Death rule brings new potential to a wide array of units, bringing some formerly second-rate units into the spotlight as well as adding more juice to the top meta units.  Read on to see […]

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Chapter Tactics #21: Aeldari Shenanigans Pt. 2 FAQ Boogaloo

Today PeteyPab and his guest review the rest of the Fracture of Biel-Tan book and go over 40k FAQ questions that GW needs to clarify to help clean up the Fracture of Biel-Tan book for competitive play. Also, stay tuned for the interview at the end of the show. Pablo interviews someone from the 4th […]

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