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A Comedy of Errors: My non-GT Winning List

Psychic Awakening powered Aeldari take on a GT.

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Eldar Review: Formations: Wraith Host

Howdy fellow gamers, Mr.MoreTanks with an article on a ghostly formation, the Wraith Host.  Packing what is widely considered the best unit in the game, along with several other nasty ones, this formation is no joke.  Wrapped up in a nice special rules, this formation brings you the means to field a nearly all Wraith […]

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Eldar Tactics: Elites: Wraithguard

Hello all, Medicore Gamer here. I never thought I would be sitting here writing an article about my dreaded enemy, the Eldar. But I’ll take a few stiff drinks, and I suggest you do too, and let’s talk about Wraithguard.  If you want to read up on more tactics check out Frontline’s Tactics Corner. (more…)

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These gorgeous Iyanden Wraithguard are painted to a level 3 standard with level 3 basing. They also feature some awesome freehand work on them to really make them pop!

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