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Chapter Tactics #2: Matt Root and The Top Nova Lists

The current #1 ranked ITC player Matt Root and PeteyPab go over War Convocation lists and rate the two winning NOVA lists from the open, and the invitational.  (more…)

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Top Secret

40k List-Tech: Incontrol’s Winning War Convocation List

Today on List-Tech we have Geoff “Incontrol’s” War Convocation list from Wargames Con 2016.  (more…)

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Full Length Battle Report #57 War Convocation vs. KDK & Renegades!

Reecius busts out his Khorne Devotees against War Convocation!  

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Full Length Battle Report #57 War Convocation vs. KDK & Renegades!

Guest John brings his War Convocation to face Reecius’ KDK+Renegades army! Check the Tactics Corner for more great video bat reps! (more…)

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Full Length Battle Report #57 War Convocation vs. Necrons

Make sure to watch the end of this one! Got a very special surprise in store. (more…)

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War Convocation on Deathstar: New Space Marine Psychic Powers in Action!

Guest writer Matt E. brings us a tale of two powerful lists: War Convocation with a Librarius Conclave vs. a Tunderstar, both sporting the new Space Marine Psychic Powers! Check the Tacitcs Corner for more great battle reports! (more…)

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Ferrus Manus

40kBrawl! Warhammer 40k Video Battle Report War Convocation Vs Iron Hands

Hey everybody, Just a quick passing by post to share a couple of Battle reports from the weekend just gone using the UK GT final format. Report 1. Eldar ( Revenant) VS. Imperial Knights -Household Detachment / Iron Hands allies. Report 2. War Convocation w/ White Scars Allies Vs. Iron Hands Please Enjoy!

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War Convocation Christmas

Like many gamers, I suffer from hobby shiny distraction syndrome, and am always wanting to try out new things, new formations, new models, new codexes, etc. With 40k being more of an elite hobby, the price typically keeps me in check from buying too much. I still have a pretty full Tyranids army that is […]

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Short Form Video Battle Report #279 War Convocation vs. Centurionstar

Captain A’s White Centstar goes up against The Mediocre Gamer’s not so mediocre war convocation! Check the Tactics Corner for more warhammer 40k video bat reps! (more…)

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agents of the imperium

Thursday Night Fight! War Convocation vs. Battle Company.

Tonight we have the great InControl Robinson in the house playing his War Convocation. Vs the worlds greatest 40k player himself Frankie Giampapa and his Battle Company. (more…)

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