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realms edge keep

Ultramarines vs Blood Angels – Warhammer 40k Battle Report 9th Ed 2000pts

Our friends at Realms Edge Keep have a fun 9th ed 40k video bat rep for us featuring Ultramarines vs. Blood Angels! (more…)

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Ultra Symbol

Supplement Ultramarines: Part 2 – Everything but the Characters

Strong, Stoic and Blue. The Ultramarines kick their book up a gear once we get past the Characters. Covering Warlord Traits, Psychic powers, Relics and Stratagems, join me on a look at how well the 13th legion compares to their brethren. For more awesome tactical content, check out the Tactics Corner! (more…)

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Completed Commission: Ultramarine Vehicles

How to ride into a fight in style. These Ultramarine Vehicles were painted by the FLG Paint Studio. And remember, Frontline Gaming sells gaming products at a discount, every day in their webcart!

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Helmet going on Ultra

Supplement Ultramarines: Review part 1 – Characters

Welcome to the poster children. The boys in blue, the Smurfs, the exemplars of the Codex. Ultramarines are what most people think of when they think of Space Marines, and while they may not be as flashy as Salamanders, or as completely brokenly powerful as Iron Hands, they are still very good at what they […]

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Completed Commission: Roboute Guilliman

We painted this Guilliman model for a client. Check out his flaming sword. (more…)

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By The Emperor! Issue #7

Iron Hands FAQ to be Reversed After Results of SoCal Open 2019 (more…)

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title page one

Video Battle Report- Dark Angels Primaris vs Ultarmarines

Hi everyone, Michael here with another battle report for my Dark Angels Primaris army, this time taking on the Ultramarines. For more reviews and analyses, check out the Tactics Corner. (more…)

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Completed Commission: Primaris Ultramarines

These Primaris Ultramarines came out beautifully! (more…)

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Completed Commission: Ultramarines Vehicles

These Ultramarines Vehicles were painted by the FLG Paint Studio. (more…)

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Completed Commission: Ultramarines Honor Guard & Marneus Calgar

These Ultramarines look fantastic! (more…)

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