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Fantasy Fisticuffs #21: Over and Under (Disciples of Tzeentch)

Proving that even one of the strongest armies in competitive war-gaming, is a tale of winners and losers, we check out the best and worst of the Disciples of Tzeentch. (more…)

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Your 40k Horoscope Is Relentless

When considering what to do, always consider your 40k Horoscope. We have the answers you seek. Check here and here for other publications of this guide to life. And if your faction hasn’t been done yet, comment below! (more…)

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Fantasy Fisticuffs #11: Turn and Face the Strange, Ch-ch-ch Changehost

While many of the recent competitive AoS events were revelatory in terms of what much-hyped armies failed to make their mark, the story of other events was all about what can happen when powerful interactions slip through the cracks. (more…)

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Wedesnday night Fight: Greenskinz vs. Tzeentch

Greenskinz vs. Tzeentch in tonight’s game! Tune in at 5pm PST to our Twitch Channel to catch the action. (more…)

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Team Magnus 1

Recent Commission Completed by our Studio!

Check out this beautiful commission from our studio! It represents a Rehati War Sect for a Tzeentch Chaos army.

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Wrath of Magnus Review: Formations and Detachments

PeteyPab has the scoop on the new 40k Wrath of Magnus formations and formation based detachments. Check the Tactics Corner for more great reviews! (more…)

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The Many Faces of a Warpflame Host

Daemons: Daemonic Incursion: Warpflame Host Hey everybody, Deejay is here again to talk about the some of the mono-Tzeentch builds that you can run using the new daemonic incursion rules. Check the Tactics Corner for more great articles! (more…)

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Signals Stinger 395

Signals from the Frontline #395

Show Notes 12-11-15 (more…)

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chaos army 005

For Sale! Beautiful Chaos Army

This is a seriously gorgeous Chaos army brought in by one of our artists to sell. She said it is her 4th Chaos army and it just sits on the shelf, so might as well turn it into cash and see someone get some use out of it! This would be a level 3 paint […]

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Noise Mainres and Tzeentch Sorcerer

These models came out really well! These are a cool example of a level 2 paint job with level 2 basing and freehand symbols on the models. I really like the pastel colors on the Noise Marines, they create a very unique look that is quite striking on the table top.

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