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Thursday Night Fight: Space Wolves vs. Tyranids

Reecius vs. Frankie, Wolves on Nids! Join us tonight at 5pm PST to join the fun. (more…)

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Monday Night Fight: Chaos vs. Tyranids!

Join us for a LIVE game of 40k tonight, Chaos vs. Tyranids at 5pm PST on our Twitch Channel. (more…)

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40K 8th edition: Tyranid First Impressions

Did you miss me? Or better yet, do you remember me? It’s Danny from TFG Radio here, and after about a month of 8th edition 40K in our lives, it is time to talk about the Hive Fleets and where we stand. Of course, check out the ever-expanding database at Frontline’s Tactics Corner, so you […]

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Warhammer 40k Video Battle Report: Militarum Tempestus vs. Tyranids

Reecius’ Tyranids vs. Frankie and his Scions! Warhammer 40,000 video battle report. (more…)

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Friday Night Fight: Tyranids vs. Chaos

Tonight’s game is challenger James with his nasty Chaos flying circus vs. Reecius’ Tyranids as chosen by our Twitch subscribers! Join us for the live game tonight at 5pm PST. (more…)

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Wednesday Night Fight: Scions vs. Tyranids

Hoooo, nelly! We’ve got a slobber-knocker of a game for you all, tonight! A nasty Scoins army vs. a TAC Tyranid Army, tournament style. Who will prevail? Tune in to our Twitch Channel at 5pm PST to join the fun! (more…)

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Thursday Night Fight Replay: Tyranids vs. Ultramarines

Did you miss Thursday’s game? No worries, here’s the replay! (more…)

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Tyranids: Looking ahead (part 4)

Hey all, Danny from TFG Radio here to continue the pondering of Tyranids in the new world, and well, we have had the floodgates open lately, so let’s dig right into it, shall we? Of course, you can also read a whole bunch of other articles over at Frontline’s Tactic’s Corner. (more…)

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NewHammer Faction Focus: Tyranids

Reecius wrote a Tyranid faction preview article over at the Warhammer-community site! Read it, here. (more…)

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Tyranids: Looking ahead (part 3)

Hey Everyone, Danny from TFG Radio here, (I know, you’re sick of me), to go over more how these new changes shake out for the mighty Hive Fleets!  As always, go check out Frontline’s Tactics Corner for all the cool stuff that I did not write. (more…)

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