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Signals from the Frontline

Podcast: Signals from the Frontline: Episode 7

Signals from the Frontline: Every Tuesday and Thursday for your 30 minutes or less tabletop gaming podcast! In this episode, Frankie and I discuss some of the rumors for upcoming Codices, Frankie and the team’s experience at the Alamo Games Workshop RTT and the upcoming Bay Area Open, as well as Frontline Gaming’s Black Friday sale.  

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Signals from the Frontline Episode 6: Necrons in their First Tournament and Chaos Rumors

In this episode, we discuss further Necron tactics and insights and realize we may have misjudged Mr. Ward! The book continues to reveal new depths of tactical depth and just plain fun. We also briefly discuss some of the new Chaos rumors.  

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Reecius interviewed for Fanboy Comics at Comikaze

Fanboy comics interviewed me at Comikaze asking about the event. Check it out if this interests you. http://fanboycomics.net/interviews/gaming/505-comikaze-expo-2011-fanboy-comics-interviews-frontline-gaming-founder-reece-robbins

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Comikaze review by Dave Fay

A great Comikaze review by Dave Fay. He really does an awesome job of conveying what the event was like. We hope to see more people next year!

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