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Tau_Stealth Suit 2

Stealths Suits have some utility

While there aren’t many units in the T’au codex that have much utility in 9th edition, XV25 Stealth Suits do offer T’au players some interesting play. (more…)

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New Tech for the T’au

A few days ago, Games Workshop announced the latest addition to Kill Team, and T’au players finally have something to be cheerful about. (more…)

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Tau pic

Richard Siegler Does the Business Again

The winner of the Atlantic City Open will come as no surprise: the excellent Brad Chester, playing the deadly Drukhari, took the top spot. What’s more, he did it in style, winning all nine of his games. (more…)

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Tau boyz 1

Peculiar Points Reductions

Games Workshop must really dislike T’au. Right? Well, no. I think that the chances of the head honchos at GW holding distinct and sincere animus toward any one faction in particular are very low. (more…)

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Tau comissson_10

A Respectable Second Place

A few weeks back, on the weekend of the 24th of April, another intrepid T’au Empire player, Ben Neal, put in strong showing at a tournament, the Olympus Games GT, over in Cheyenne, Wyoming. (more…)

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Tau 7

Reworking the Humble Burst Cannon

9th edition 40k is a deadly game. Every codex that has been released so far in 9th has made the game more deadly, with each book upgrading existing units to be all the potent and providing the tools that players need to get these units where they need to be in order to do the […]

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Has Richard Siegler Made T’au Playable Again?

The guys over at the Art of War are running a four-man tournament, the King of the Stream House RTT. Each player is running two armies, and one of Richard Siegler’s armies is, of course, the T’au Empire. (more…)

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A Respectable Finish with a Low-tier Faction

On the weekend of March 13-14, something rather interesting happened at the Clutch City GT down in Katy, Texas: a player finished a very respectable 7th place with a T’au Empire army. Today I’m going to analyse the list in order to decipher just how this unusual occurrence might have come about. (more…)

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A Quick Fix for Under-performing Factions

A few days ago, abusepuppy wrote an article discussing the T’au Empire’s problem with taking and holding objectives. If you’ve not read it, I’d highly recommend giving it a look. In the article, abusepuppy suggests that Games Workshop should update the game more frequently in order to best deal with the problem of under-powered factions. […]

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Tau Sept

Three Ways to Fix T’au

Earlier this week, Invasive Wargaming released a video in which he discussed the three things that Games Workshop needs to do in order to fix T’au for 9th edition, and in this article, I’m going to discuss my thoughts on the changes Mike suggests in the video (more…)

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