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Fall Back and Shoot Without the Controversy

In my article last week, I discussed how the changes to the Mont’ka rule will affect the T’au. As we all know, the T’au Empire is one of the worst performing factions at the moment, and anything that improves the faction is a step in the right direction. (more…)

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T’au Updates: the Change to Mont’ka

Games Workshop released a variety of FAQ and errata documents this week, and while there are many significant changes to game to discuss, in this article I’m going to focus on the updates to the T’au Empire. (more…)

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Stand and Shoot

Since the release of 9th edition, I’ve been writing about how the T’au need to change in order to be competitive in the new meta. (more…)

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More T’au Troops Talk

In my article last week, I discussed the problems that the T’au has with the Troops slot. In this article, I’m going to talk about how Games Workshop could improve Fire Warriors in the upcoming 9th edition T’au codex. (more…)

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The Problems with T’au Troops

Last week, I discussed the idea of a new transport for the T’au. I would argue that there are a number of reasons that the T’au need a new ride, but overall the point of a transport in 40k is to protect the models inside. Of course, transports, and vehicles in general, have a variety […]

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The T’au Need a New Transport

As the 9th edition meta continues to evolve, we T’au players have very few reasons to be cheerful. We knew from the beginning of the edition that the T’au were going to have a tough time until the release of the codex, but I don’t know if many player’s would have predicted just how difficult […]

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What Do the IA Updates Mean for the T’au?

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve discussed some of the updated T’au units from the new Imperial Armour book. This week, I’m going to talk more generally about the faction. Do the updates in IA tell us anything about the 9th edition T’au codex? (more…)

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Imperial Armour: XV9 Hazard Battlesuits

This week I’m going to continue with the updated T’au units from the latest Imperial Armour book. (more…)

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Imperial Armour: What’s New for the T’au?

Well, the opening of this video from Invasive Wargaming pretty much sums it up. Pour one out for the T’au. Fs in the chat. (more…)

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How Should Markerlights Work in 9th?

In my article last week, I discussed the problems with the Markerlight system. I focused on the challenge of getting five Markerlights on a target and the different options that T’au players have when it comes to this issue. This week, I’m going to discuss how the system itself could change. There is, of course, […]

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