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4 Things you NEED as a Craftworld Player

Read on to learn about the essentials of Eldar! (more…)

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AoW Mascot

It’s only Rational: Logic in 40k

If you were more rational then would you win more games? (more…)

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Countering the Meta: Imperium soup

John Lennon, one of the Art of War coaches and a fervent servant of the Emperor, is here to talk about a new army concept in today’s article! (more…)

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The Monstrously Sized Forces of the Hive Mind

Hello, dear viewers! Art of War coach and avatar of the Hive Mind Alex Macdougall has emerged from the shadows to give us his thoughts on staying competitive with Tyranids and Genestealer cults! (more…)

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Imperium Unit Review: Imperial Knights Castellan

Hello, 40k armchair generals SaltyJohn from TFG Radio here to bring you a tactics article about that most ubiquitous of imperial units the Imperial Knight Castellan. For more reviews, bat reps, tactics discussions, and analysis check out the Tactics Corner! (more…)

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