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Faction Focus: Imperial Knights

Here we have the Imperial Knights 9th ed 40k faction focus article via the Warhammer-community team! (more…)

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Competing With Eldar Corsairs (An ITC Journey) Part 2: Venoms in the Mist

If you missed Part 1: A Fist full of Venoms, this is series where I discuss the quest I undertook during the 2019 season to become the #1 Eldar Corsair player. In this section I will cover the first events I attended and my results. (more…)

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Ad Mech Psychic Awakening Review

Mars Strikes Back: The Adeptus Mechanicus and Engine War<Transmission Incoming: 010101001010 “The Lord of Mars Summons the Disciples of the Omnissiah”> Hey everyone, Richard Siegler (from The Art of War 40k) back again to talk about the wonderful new rules the Adeptus Mechanicus received in Psychic Awakening: Engine War.  While I am best known for […]

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Psychic Awakening Daemon Review

Hello, my fellow nerd friends. It’s the one and only Brown Magic Nick Nanavati from Art of War here to talk to you about Daemons and how to utilize best their new tools in the brand new Psychic Awakening!  (more…)

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Playing By Intent

Alex Macdougall from Art of War here to talk to you lovely folks about playing by intent. When playing a game as intricate and expansive as 40k, understanding intent is hugely important. (more…)

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How To Play Raven Guard

Pew Pew, Punch Punch, Or, Why Sun Tzu Ain’t Got Nothing on Me (more…)

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Competing With Eldar Corsairs (An ITC Journey) Part 1: A Fistful of Venoms

Hi everyone! I would like to dedicate the following series of articles to people who play competitive 40k with the armies they love rather than the most effective ones. This one is for all the mono Harlequin, Death Guard, Death Watch etc. players out there: keep being awesome! (more…)

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Precision Over Power in 40k

Hey everyone! Erik from The Art of War here today, bringing you something a little different than we are used to. In today’s article, we’re going to visit the importance of playing the mission and discuss the eye-opening method of playing the game without focusing on annihilating your opponent. Something I pride myself on is […]

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How to Use Characters With 10 Wounds

Two Strong Uses for Characters with less than 10 wounds (more…)

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Psychic Awakening Harlequin Review

Welcome back to another Harlequins article by Cameron Piniero, aka Sexy Mexi- guest writer on Art of War! We’ve recently been blessed with a significant update via the recent White Dwarf giving Harlequins a much-needed boost to their playstyles and choices! While not a full book like Blood of the Phoenix, I’d argue that this […]

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