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AOW – 81.1 Necrons Domination Protocol

Join the Art of War crew for another informative 40k podcast. (more…)

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Know Your Enemy – How To Beat Space Marines

Space Marines in all their colors make up over 30% of the 40k Meta.  The question is; What are you going to do about it? (more…)

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Mathammer: The Law of Averages

Today we are joined by Adam Lane from the Art of War, our resident math expert! He’s here to break down how math can be used in our games of warhammer.  (more…)

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AOW – 77.1 Terminating Your Foes with Chaos

The Art of War Down Under crew brings us a 40k 9th ed podcast on some of the new Chaos hotness and getting the most out of Terminators! (more…)

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AOW Ep. 74.1 Dominating Marines post FAQ with Sisters and Guard

The Art of War crews brings us a podcast about getting the most out of your Astra Militarum and Sisters of Battle! (more…)

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GSC and the New 40k FAQ

Eric S. is back with another Genestealer Cults tactics article for 9th ed 40k! (more…)

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Mobility Capability in the GSC

Eric S. bring us another update on 9th ed Genestealer Cults tactics! (more…)

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Tyranids? In MY Forgeworld? It’s more likely than you think.

Welcome, dear viewers! Alex Macdougall, one of the talented coaches at the Art of War, and a veteran commander of the Hive Mind, has joined us to lend his expertise on the new Imperial Armor book! (more…)

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Guest Tactica: Genestealer Cults

Eric S. brings us his take on getting the most out of GSC in 9th ed 40k. (more…)

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Guide to Deathwatch Killteams

Our friends at Tabletop Titans bring us another 9th ed 40k tactics breakdown, this time on Deathwatch Kill Teams! (more…)

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