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Fantasy Fisticuffs #19: Over and Under (Stormcast)

We’ve all got them from one starter or another, and at some point many of us entertain starting Stormcast armies. What units in their book deliver, and which are doomed to remain bare-grey plastic? (more…)

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Age of Sigmar – Battle Report – Flesheater Courts Vs. Stormcast Eternals (2000 pts)

We are excited to bring you our next Age of Sigmar batrep! We ramp up to 2000 points now in this grudge rematch between Darren’s Death army and Chris’ Stormcast Eternals! Featuring a clash of 2000 points each side in Match Play, we hope you enjoy!

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Stormcast Eternals Part 5: Battalion Warscrolls Part 1

Welcome back to another article on the Stormcast Eternals! (more…)

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