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By The Emperor! – Issue #25

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Ravenguard Tactics: Going Second

In the ITC format, and in many of the games of 40K, there can be a large advantage to going second. Ravenguard, however, have a strong bent towards an alpha strike. This article is to discuss the ways to keep that strong punch, but give up the first hit, as it specifically applies to Ravenguard. […]

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LVO 2015 40k Poll Results

In our time honored tradition, we always poll our attendees about their experience at one of our events and then share those results! It has proven to be a great tool for growth for Frontline Gaming, but, it also provides good feedback for the community as well, in regards to trends in the 40k crowd. […]

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mathammer 40K

Check out this Great Tool: Mathammer 40K

Matt Toner is the creator of this very cool site and app, that allows you to easily calculate the odds of an action in 40K. (more…)

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